Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story : Mahima warns Khurana’s saying she will fight for Saaransh’s custody


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Episode begins with Sharda gets angry and asks why they hided the truth from them. Preesha says it was Rudraksh’s decision to hide this from Khurana’s and he did this for Ahana because she can’t handle it if she gets to know that her husband loves someone else and even have child and he didn’t wanted to hurt her. She says he thought she is Saaransh’s real mother that’s why married her to give all rights to Saaransh and he get to know the truth of his biological mother when he met her sister. She says he just wanted to give Khurana’s love to Saaransh and fighted against his family for Rajeev,Saaransh. Balraj recalls how he always insulted Saaransh. Nurse tells Vasudha that Gopal regained his consciousness. Yuvraj says always good only happens with good people. Preesha says they can’t tell him about Saaransh and leaves to meet him. Sharda hugs crying Balraj saying Saaransh is Rajeev’s son. Balraj cryingly nods at her.

Mahima tells Gopal that she wont trouble him. Gopal says if they are happy then he is fine. Nurse says only one person can stay with Gopal. Preesha tells Vasudha to stay with and others moves out of the room. Rudraksh asks his parents that why they are sitting here like this and what happened. He gets relieved hearing about Gopal from Sharda. Sharda says they knows that Saaransh is Rajeev’s son and their grandson. Rudraksh asks who told them about it. She replies saying Mahima told them everything. Balraj says his grandson was infront of him but he mistreated him and says he can’t forgive himself ever. He says Rudraksh fulfilled his responsibility but he failed to do it and cries hugging Rudraksh saying he wont forgive himself if anything happens to Saaransh then.

Rudraksh says nothing will happen to Saaransh. Balraj apologize to Preesha for his behavior towards her and Saaransh. Mahima says its too late to realise his mistake so she will take Saaransh with her once he gets fine. Rudraksh tried to say something but she interfere him saying she will get Saaransh’s custody no matter what because she is his biological mother. Yuvraj says as a Judge he can say that Mahima will easily get Saaransh’s custody after all she is his biological mother. Rudraksh says she is not mentally fit to take care of Saaransh. Yuvraj says Mahima can also say that Saaransh is not safe in Khurana house and she has proof also now. Doctor informs them operation is successful but they can meet him later only.

Yuvraj leaves from there saying his work done. Preesha tells Saaransh that he will be fine soon. He apologize to her for stealing money. Nurse says only two persons can stay with him. Mahima pleads Rudraksh to let her stay with Saaransh for few minutes. Saaransh says he wanted to send Mahima away from his family. Preesha says Saaransh is lucky to have two mother and he should not call her as duplicate mother. She tells him to give one chance to Mahima. Saaransh says he is angry with Rudraksh because he said he will leave Preesha. Rudraksh apologize to him and also apologize to Preesha. Everyone takes care of Saaransh. Balraj seeseverything staying away from him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mahima says she will help Saaransh to get ready for his online class if he gives permission then.