Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story: Mukhiya to attempt to kill Rudraksh!


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Abrar Qazi and Sargun Kaur Luthra starrer Yeh Hai Chahatein is one of the top Star Plus show because of the interesting storyline. The twists and turns of the show have glued us to the screens. This show recently witnessed 5 years leap. Rudraksh stayed with Ruhi without knowing that she is his daughter. And Bunty met Preesha but he didn’t tell about it to Rudraksh. Mukhiya set fire on storeroom to kill Rudraksh so it will be intriguing to watch that what going to happen in the future episodes.

In the current track, Bunty tells Rudraksh that Ruhi’s mother is fine. They sees Mukhiya and his men and moves from there. Yuvraj takes Mukhiya to waiting room but Rudraksh is not there. Mukhiya scolds Yuvraj. Rudraksh hides in Preesha’s room to escape from Mukhiya and his men.

Nurse takes Preesha to take test. Meanwhile, Bunty hides in storeroom of the hospital. Rudraksh bids bye to Ruhi and he escapes with Bunty through window. Doctor asks Preesha to stay in the hospital tonight for observation. Preesha gets worried about Ruhi. Yuvraj says that he will take care of Ruhi but Preesha refuses.

Meena takes Ruhi with her. She asks Ruhi to change and she goes to her house. Rudraksh tells Bunty that he can’t leave Ruhi alone in this situation. Bunty thinks that he is also worried about Ruhi and he takes Rudraksh to Preesha’s house. Rudraksh informs Ruhi that tonight he will stay in the storeroom. Saachi brings dinner for them. Rudraksh convinces Ruhi to eat and they feeds each other.

In the upcoming episode, Ruhi will ask Rudraksh that why he has his mother’s bangle. He will decide to meet Ruhi’s mother. Later, Yuvraj will make Rudraksh unconscious and he will call Mukhiya. Mukhiya’s man will set fire on storeroom. Ruhi will ask Rudraksh to wake up.

How Rudraksh going to escape this time? Will Rudraksh be able to save himself and Ruhi?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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