Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story : Preesha confronts Sharda


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Episode begins with Preesha says Rahul called her that’s why she went to see Neerja. Rudraksh says sometimes she is spending time with Yuvraj and sometimes Rahul and talks ill about her character. She loses her control and yells at him saying she is keep tolerating his nonsense that’s not mean he can say anything about her and says she went out this time to see Neerja who is in coma, not because she has an affair with Rahul and asks why he is not trusting her. She says mistake is not her in fact he is the problem his thinking is the problem and not just him everyone thinks like this, if any women reaches home late then talks about her character because they have different rules for men and women. She says he doesn’t deserve to know about her whereabouts so she is not going to tell him anything in the future and she won’t tolerate his nonsense talks anymore too and leaves from there.

Next day, Police inspector tells Balraj that they have search warrant and they are here to search the earring they got with Keerti. Balraj says they are not hiding anything here and they has no problem with the search and asks him to show that earring’s picture. Police inspector shows that earring’s picture. Mishka gets happy seeing that and says it’s not her earring. Ahana drags her with her so the Police inspector doesn’t hears Mishka. Ahana says Mishka making things complicated by opening her mouth and tells her to stay silent. Constable gets the earring from Balraj’s room. Balraj says it’s Sharda’s earring.

Police inspector says they has to take Sharda with them for further investigation. Rudraksh says it’s impossible and they would be misunderstanding. Ahana says Rudraksh is right Sharda can’t do anything like that. Police inspector shows the earring’s picture to them. Balraj says they can’t arrest Sharda. Police inspector says they are not arresting her just taking to the police station for investigation and tells him to cooperate with them. Sharda says they got the wrong proof and moreover this design earring is common so anyone can have this. He asks her to show the pair of her earring to prove her point. She takes another earring from her handbag and shows it to everyone. Balraj scolds the Police inspector saying first they accused Rudraksh now Sharda. Ahana says it’s happening because of Harish.

Later Preesha asks Sharda to tell the truth to him and not hide anything from her. Sharda asks why she will lie to her. Preesha says how the Nurse gave Sharda’s prescription to her yesterday and she saw the ointment name to treat the wound not any medicine for diabetic so she lied to her in the hospital. Then she followed her and saw her entering the Jewellery shop and Sharda ordered the same earring there. Sharda says she ordered the same earring because she wanted to gift it to her friend and for ointment she has a wound on her feet and shows it to her saying she is not hiding anything. Saaransh shows how Rudraksh attending his online class.

Preesha shocks seeing him attending the class drinking alcohol and arguing with the teacher. She scolds him for his behavior and asks why he is doing like this when he joined school for Saaransh. Principal suspends Rudraksh for 2week.Harish scolds the Police inspector for not arresting anyone from Khurana’s. Rudraksh says Preesha hurts Saaransh with her behavior not him and says he knows that she was with Yuvraj yesterday night. She calls Yuvraj to prove him wrong but Yuvraj doesn’t picks her call deliberately knowing why she is calling him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh blames Preesha again. Ahana gets the CCTV footage of the hotel.