Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story : Preesha saves Rudraksh


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Episode begins with Rudraksh tells Preesha to listen him at least for Saaransh. She says on one condition and that is, he should stay away from her, should not touch her, also should not try to explain what happened that night. He says it’s not one condition and seeing her glare he agrees with her condition and says tiger went so this is the safe place for them to stay. He notices that she struggles to sit because of cold so he gives his jacket to her but she refuses to take it and says she already told him to not touch her. He keep the jacket near her and tells her to wear it.

Balraj asks where is Rudraksh now. Sharda gets worried. Mahima says she is also worried. Ahana says Rudraksh and Preesha must be together to celebrate and deliberately they are ignoring Mahima’s calls. She suggests that they should go to sleep especially Mahima because she really did lot of work in office so she must be tired. Mahima says she can’t sleep and going to wait for them in Srinivasan’s house because Rudraksh will go there to drop Preesha.

Rudraksh tries to help her but hurts his hand and she gets worried for him. Then she gets annoyed seeing lighter in his hand. He tries to get cherry and she says he should not do anything for her because she is not hungry. He says he is taking for him because he is hungry. She shocks seeing something.

Mahima asks Vasudha about Preesha. Vasudha says because of transport strike Preesha staying in the hospital. Mahima thinks she has to do something. Gopal asks is everything fine because Mahima came late night. Mahima says she was missing Saaransh so she came to take him. He thinks he can’t let her take Saaransh and says if Rudraksh asked her to bring Saaransh then he will talk to him. Vasudha says now only they got chance to spend time with Saaransh and tells her to let him stay here for few more days. Mahima thinks what if it’s Preesha’s doing and decides to take Saaransh tonight and leaves from there.

Preesha notices that snake moving towards Rudraksh and tells him about it. He gets afraid. She tells him to not make any noise and the snake goes passing him. They gets relieved. She says now he can stay in that tree only. He comes down and says he thought he will die and thanks her for saving his life. He says one thing now proved that she maybe angry on him but she still loves him so much that’s why she saved him today. She says he is thinking too much. She says she is thirsty so going to find water. He follows her.

Mahima taunts Yuvraj and says she can’t let Rudraksh, Preesha stay together and Saaransh is their weakness so she has to take him back. Preesha was drinking water and crocodile comes there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh tries to save Preesha from crocodile.