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The episode begins with Rudraksh challenges Preesha to see horror movie alone. Preesha says she used to see in her college days. He says that’s why she is dangerous and her behaviour says so. He taunts her talking about being a murderer. She asks now who is misusing this conversation. He changes the topic saying he was weak in mathematics. She says she was also weak but her father helped her and she improved. He recalls how his father used to beat him when he talked about his interest in studies.He says his father never wanted him to study instead he wanted him to become a singer. He says he never got chance to live his childhood, he was just a weapon to fulfill his father’s dream. Sharda comes there with their food. She asks how many things they shared with each other. Preesha says two. Sharda asks them to do it fast and leaves from there. Vasudha searches her necklace in her home and thinks did Ahana stoled her necklace or what. She says why Ahana will do that but again thinks how Mishka got her necklace. She gets to know that Gopal got 5lakhs by giving her necklace to the jeweller. Jeweller informs her that he only have the jewel.

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Preesha says seems like still Rudraksh is in bad mood. He denies it so she asks him to smile to prove his point. She says she didn’t called Yuvraj in Bunty’s marriage. He was about to go from there saying he doesn’t wants to talk in that matter. She stops him by holding his hand and says he always reacts like this but he have to listen her because they are sharing the truth with each other today. She says she didn’t even gave the necklace to him. Jeweller calls Ahana and says Vasudha enquired about that necklace. Preesha asks Rudraksh to tell about the thing he likes to do. He says he likes music composition.

Ahana tells Mishka that Vasudha saw her video and identified the necklace too. Mishka asks how she got Vasudha’s necklace. Ahana says she got from the Jeweller. Rudraksh says task is over, they shared five personal things. Preesha says she has to say one more thing. She says only she and Saaransh knows about that so he should also know that. She shows him her belly piercing. He shocks seeing that.She says during college days she did that. He says he never thought she can be this daring and sexy. She says he can’t tell anyone about this.

Saaransh was about to go to Sharda but hides seeing the red saree aunty who pushed him previously. Rudraksh and Preesha goes to Sharda and tells her that they finished the challenge given by Saaransh and asks her to tell about Saaransh. Sharda takes Rudraksh and Preesha to her room telling Saaransh is in her room only from morning. Preesha and Rudraksh shocks hearing her. Rudraksh says Saaransh enjoying in her room and she is threatening them from morning. Preesha says Sharda should have told them. Sharda says Saaransh asked her to not tell then how can she tell them and to stop their fight it was the only way. They goes to Sharda’s room and starts to search Saaransh everywhere after not finding him in the room. Preesha cries for not finding him anywhere in the house. Rudraksh tries to console her. (Episode ends).

Precap – Balraj says it will be good if Saaransh never returns.

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