Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story : Rudraksh demands Preesha to confess her feelings


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Episode begins with Rudraksh holds Preesha’s hand and tells her to look at him and say those words. She feels shy and could not able to see him and asks about which words he is talking. He asks her to accept it that she too loves him. She looks at him. He says enough of eye talks and asks her to tell him about her feelings. She says they are drenched and has to reach the home immediately and moves from there. He says she won’t confess it that easily and will torture him for sure. And they reaches Khurana’s house. She tells him to go to his room and she has to see Saaransh slept or not. He says if Saaransh slept then she should come to his room. She asks why. He says they are husband and wife so they should share one room. He says still she didn’t said those three words to him. She thinks he tortured her a lot now she won’t tell that easily to him that she also loves him and he has to wait to hear it from her. She says she doesn’t know about which thing he is talking now. He says she is playing with him and he knows that she is enjoying it. She says so much happened so she needs time to realize what she is feeling for him and moves towards her room. He says she can’t run from him.

Next day, Balraj’s Lawyer hand over court order to Police inspector. Balraj tells him to read it properly, it clearly says Sharda is not responsible for Keerti’s murder. Police inspector says Balraj is angry on them unnecessarily, they just did their job considering the proofs they got and apologize to Sharda. Rudraksh comes out the washroom wearing towel. Preesha shocks seeing him like that and asks why he isn’t wearing anything. He says he is wearing towel and hugs her from behind and says she is his wife and he can even change his dress in front of her. She tells him to leave her. He acts like he didn’t hear anything and asks what is she saying.She says Sharda may come anytime. He says that’s why she has to tell those words to him soon.

Balraj brings Sharda to their house. Ahana hugs Sharda and says she was so worried about her but now she is happy seeing Sharda in front of her. Saaransh meets Sharda. Some girl sees Rudraksh picture and says he didn’t replied to her message yet. Balraj says Sharda proved as innocent and whole credit goes to Saaransh and thanks him. Ahana gets irked hearing him. Gopal and Vasudha arrives Khurana house. Preesha meets them and gets confused seeing them there. Vasudha says Rudraksh called them. Rudraksh tells his parents to join them. He says Preesha didn’t do anything against him and Rahul is behind everything, and he did to destroy his career so he can achieve number 1 position. He says Preesha saved Neerja’s life so Rahul confessed everything to him. He apologize to Preesha for trusting Rahul over her. He apologize to Preesha’s parents too for his behavior. He falls at Preesha’s feet and tells her to forgive him if she can then.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh informs his family about his honeymoon.