Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story: Rudraksh to decide to leave the village!


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Abrar Qazi and Sargun Kaur Luthra starrer Yeh Hai Chahatein is one of the top Star Plus show because of the interesting storyline. The twists and turns of the show have glued us to the screens. This show recently witnessed 5 years leap. Now, Rudraksh trying to find Preesha with Ruhi’s help. And Bunty met Preesha but he didn’t tell about it to Rudraksh instead he convinced him to return to Khurana mansion so it will be intriguing to watch that what going to happen in the future episodes.

In the current track, Rudraksh gets worried thinking that what if Mukhiya’s men caught Ruhi. He finds her and hugs Ruhi. She tells him that he also started to love her like her mother. She informs him that she helped one boy to find a way and gives the camera to him. Yuvraj waits outside Ruhi’s house and he sees Ruhi and Rudraksh entering the storeroom but he could not see Rudraksh’s face. Ruhi and Rudraksh gets shocked seeing Bunty there.

Ruhi goes to get dinner for Rudraksh. Bunty lies to Rudraksh that Preesha is not in this village so the latter should return to Khurana mansion. He recalls that how Preesha convinced him to not tell the truth to Rudraksh. Yuvraj gets shocked seeing Rudraksh and realises that Rudraksh staying in Preesha’s house without knowing that Ruhi is his daughter and he won’t let him know too. Bunty says that by staying in this storeroom Rudraksh is putting Ruhi and her mother’s life in danger.

So Rudraksh decides to leave the village. Ruhi hides food for Rudraksh and Preesha notices that. She gives food to Rudraksh. He informs her that he is returning to his house which shocks her.

In the upcoming episode, Rudraksh will leave without informing Ruhi. She will find Rudraksh’s letter and will go to find him. Preesha will get emotional after reading Rudraksh’s letter. Rudraksh will say to Bunty that he want to meet Ruhi once before leaving.

Will Rudraksh be able to meet Ruhi before leaving the village? What will be Yuvraj’s next move?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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