Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story : Saaransh goes against Balraj’s decision

yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

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Episode begins with Ahana tells Balraj that till now Rudraksh never went against him but he is ready to leave the house for Preesha. She says they already lost Rajeev and going to lose everything because of Preesha. Sharda says she wants to prepare some sweet dish for Preesha. Balraj denies her to do anything. Sharda says Preesha saved one mother and child’s life. Balraj shouts at her for going against him for Preesha. He says Preesha already changed many things he can’t tolerate more now he have to show her real place and he knows how to do that. Ahana thinks now no one can save Preesha.

Rudraksh recalls his moments with Preesha and how he talked rudely with her in hospital. He thinks she murdered his brother and she deserves torture for that then why he is thinking about her. He says he should be happy seeing her tears but why he is sad. Saaransh asks Rudraksh to help him to solve the problem. He says he would have asked Preesha if she was in house. Rudraksh says he hurted his friend and he is not feeling good about that. Saaransh advices him to apologize to his friend. Rudraksh says it’s weird for him to say sorry to others. Saaransh says Rudraksh making the situation more complicated and tells the trick to say sorry.

Preesha reaches house and shocks seeing Rudraksh with sorry card. She says she can’t able to believe that Rudraksh saying sorry to her and asks is she dreaming or what. He says he knows he hurted her and made this sorry care for her. She says he could have said sorry to her instead showing this card but his male ego would have stopped him from saying sorry. He says it was weird to say sorry. She tells sorry accepted. Then he realises that she tricked him to tell sorry to her. She laughs seeing his shocked face and asks him to move aside because he has to go inside.

Balraj stops her from coming inside and asks her to leave from there. Rudraksh tries to say something but Balraj doesn’t let him complete and asks him to stay out of this matter. He says he already warned her still she came. He says the ones who don’t obey him has no place in his house and he already decided that she can’t stay in his house and his decision is final. Preesha says she took all precautions before delivery and she will quarantine herself so he need not to worry. He says she is acting over smart and asks her to leave from there. He says if she wants she can stay in servants quarters but he won’t allow her in his house.

Preesha agrees to stay there. Ahana thinks Preesha should have fighted more and happy with Balraj’s decision. Rudraksh asks how can she stay in servants quarters. Preesha says she has no problem with staying there and leaves from there.

Ahana tells Saaransh that she will tell him the truth but he has to promise her that he won’t cry. He asks did anything bad happened to his mother. She says Balraj has thrown Preesha out of the house. He tries to go from there. She stops him saying if he is going to complaint to Rudraksh then it’s waste because no one supported Preesha. He says he is not afraid of Balraj and he will bring his mother back.

Saaransh asks Preesha to go with him. She says she came from hospital so she has to stay alone. He says he won’t go inside without her. Rudraksh tries to convince Balraj and gets to know about Saaransh from Preesha. Rudraksh asks Saaransh who told him about Preesha.

Saaransh says that’s not matter but Rudraksh didn’t stopped Preesha from coming here. He says he won’t eat anything until Preesha comes with him. Rudraksh tries to convince him but fails miserably. Sharda says Saaransh won’t listen anyone. Rudraksh thinks what to do.

Precap – Balraj shocks knowing Preesha came inside the house.