yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on

Episode begins with Ahana and Mishka hears Preesha’s shout and makes fun of her. Sharda comes there, seeing her teary face, Ahana asks why she is crying. She tells them about Saaransh missing and asks did he came here. Ahana says he didn’t came here. Sharda comes downstairs and blames herself for Saaransh’s missing saying she should not have left him alone. Preesha tries to go outside thinking Saaransh would have went to her mother’s house. But Rudraksh stops her saying watchman didn’t saw Saaransh going outside. Preesha faints. Sharda asks what happened to Preesha. Rudraksh says because of tension she fainted.

Niketan asks Rudraksh to take Preesha to room and he calls the doctor. Ahana and Mishka enjoys the drama. Niketan orders them to bring lemon water for Preesha. They gets irritated hearing him. Vasudha gets to know from society members that Gopal lost 10lakhs of society amount and he returned them 5lakhs till now and promised them to return the remaining amount soon. She gets call from Preesha, Preesha asks her about Gopal and informs about Saaransh’s missing. She lies to Preesha that Gopal went to visit his friend.

Niketan stops Rudraksh and Preesha from going to police station and says he will arrange something and calls commissioner. Police officer comes to Rudraksh house and enquiries about Saaransh’s missing case and asks them to send his picture. Balraj taunts Preesha saying she should concentrate on her son instead poking nose on other’s matters. He says Saaransh keep creating problems for him. Sharda asks did Balraj saw Saaransh in their room. Balraj says he didn’t even went to the room and says Saaransh would be hiding in the house only to get everyone’s attention.

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Preesha says Saaransh is not likethat she have belief on her upbringing. Balraj says it’s good Saaransh is missing because he just troubled him from the time he came to his house and hope to not see him again. Rudraksh asks Balraj to stop talking like that. Balraj was about to slap Rudraksh but Niketan stops him saying finding Saaransh is important now. Balraj says it’s not important for him and goes to his room. Rudraksh apologize to Preesha on behalf of Balraj. Preesha says he need not to apologize instead she felt happy seeing him fighting for Saaransh.

Preesha misses Saaransh badly and cries. Rudraksh consoles her saying nothing will happen to him. Sharda comes there and tells that if the kidnapper didn’t want money then someone who don’t like Saaransh staying here would have kidnapped him. She suspects Balraj Saaransh’s sudden disappearance and tells the same to Rudraksh and Preesha. Preesha asks why he will do like that with a kid. Rudraksh says he was also kid when Balraj used to beat him and says Saaransh won’t live a fearful life like he did.

Episode ends.

Precap – Balraj says everything will happen the way he wanted. Rudraksh and Preesha gets to know that Balraj ordered kids dress from online.