Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story : Sharda tells Preesha that she didn’t kill Keerti


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Episode begins with Preesha thinks to talk to Rudraksh about Sharda. She sees Saaransh playing video games with Rudraksh and tells him to go to sleep saying he has classes tomorrow. He pleads her to let him play for 10minutes. She says it’s already late and he should go for sleep now. Rudraksh takes Saaransh’s side saying he completed his homework so they won’t stop the game now. Preesha moves to the sofa and waits for them to complete the game and sleeps there itself. Saaransh asks Rudraksh that why he is snoring.

Rudraksh gets confused but concentrates on the game. Saaransh notices that it’s Preesha who is snoring while sleeping and shows that to Rudraksh and says because of Rudraksh, Preesha slept here. Rudraksh says it happened because Saaransh wanted to play now he is blaming him. Saaransh says it’s their mistake and tells him to pick her and take her to her room. Rudraksh shocks hearing him and asks why he should pick her. Saaransh tells him to not make noise because it may disturb her sleep, and he can’t pick her that’s why Rudraksh has to and drags him towards her.

Rudraksh picks her and moves towards her room, he recalls the happy moments he shared with her he was about to lay her on the bed but stops when Saaransh said Yuvraj calling, seeing Preesha’s mobile. He drops her. She shouts in pain and asks whats happening. Saaransh says she was sleeping and they didn’t wanted disturb her sleep that’s why Rudraksh picked her but don’t know why he dropped her suddenly. She looks at Rudraksh. Saaransh asks him why he dropped her. Rudraksh lies to him saying it happened by mistake and it’s good for her only, because now she can talk to Yuvraj and shows her mobile to her. He leaves from there after giving the mobile to her. She tells Saaransh to sleep and thinks when she will get rid of Yuvraj and how she will make Rudraksh understand that she doesn’t have any relationship with Yuvraj.

Next day, Preesha asks about Sharda to Balraj saying she didn’t even had dinner yesterday and now also missing. He says she is not in their room and moves from there to attend his call. She wonders what happened to Sharda why she went out without having breakfast. She moves towards her room to take her mobile and hears crying sound from store room then she enters the room and shocks seeing Sharda there. She asks what happened to her, why she is crying like this sitting here. Sharda says everything going wrong and says she is not understanding what to do and asks will she help her to come out of this mess. She says her skin sample will match with the skin sample Police got from Keerti’s nail. Preesha asks did she met Keerti.

Sharda says she met her in the terrace and she didn’t kill her instead she tried to save her and it was an accident. She tells how she get to know that Keerti was her friend’s daughter and she blamed her for her mother’s death but that was not true, she didn’t kill her friend. She says how Keerti was tortured in the mental asylum for 10 years and she planned everything to enter Khurana family to take revenge on her. She says she tried to convince her and told her that it was Harish who met her mother at last and her mother was in so much pain so it’s possible that he is the one who switched off her life support machine to help her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sharda says no one will believe her. Preesha says she will change the DNA sample. Sharda tells Rudraksh to stop Preesha from changing the DNA sample.