Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story : Yuvraj helps Preesha


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Episode begins with Yuvraj tells Preesha that Rudraksh left her here alone when they came here for their honeymoon and if he was in her place then it wouldn’t have happened. She tells him to get lost and says it won’t be good for him if she gets to know that he is the reason behind Rudraksh’s this sudden move and leaves from there. He thinks something happened for sure otherwise Rudraksh would not have left her and here that Lady too left him so it’s possible that they both are together now. He thinks he should inform this to Preesha or not and gets happy saying her live will become rollercoaster and going to change completely and it’s fun to watch and moves towards her. He then stops and says God changed her destiny anyway and that Lady also going to meet Preesha no matter whatever happens so he should enjoy the fun which going to happen instead of spoiling them now.

Preesha reaches Delhi and thinks call Rudraksh about her arrival but her mobile is switched off because of no battery and waits for taxi. Rudraksh tells the Driver to drive fast and thinks he has to meet Preesha and tell her everything before she reaches home. Driver replies him saying he can’t increase the speed anymore otherwise Police may catch him. Rudraksh says he will pay the fine amount and pleads him to drive fast.

Preesha doesn’t get any taxi and Yuvraj comes there and puts his hand on her shoulder to call her. She assumes him as Rudraksh and turns around happily but gets disappointed and asks how many times she told him to stay away from her still he is not understanding that. He moves back and asks this space is enough or not and asks did she got taxi and says he would not have got it too if he didn’t booked in advance then and tells her that he will drop her in her house. She denies to take his help saying it’s not needed and tells him to leave from there. He says he would have left her here alone if he was like Rudraksh then but he is not like him. She warns him to not utter a word against Rudraksh. He says she misunderstood his words and apologize to her and says his taxi is here and tells her to get in. She says she won’t go with him. He convinces her somehow and they leaves from there. Rudraksh reaches the airport and sees Preesha with Yuvraj and says he won’t leave him this time and tells the Driver to follow that taxi.

Ahana tells Mishka that what all they did to throw this Saaransh from this house but it’s finally going to happen. Mishka asks is she sure about that. Ahana assures her saying that will happen. Rudraksh thinks he has to tell the truth before she reaches home otherwise she will get hurt and can’t tolerate it. Yuvraj asks why she is upset and asks did she talked to Rudraksh and gives his mobile to her. She tells the Driver to stop the taxi saying Yuvraj talking against Rudraksh. He apologize to her saying he just cares about her. She says it’s his cheap tricks not care. Saaransh asks Sharda that why they are celebrating Diwali.

Ahana gives crackers to him. He thanks her and goes out. Vasudha goes with him. Mishka tells Sharda that Ahana diverted Saaransh smartly. Later Rudraksh attacks Yuvraj but Preesha stops him saying he was just helping her. Then she hugs him and asks why he left her alone there and says she was so worried for him. Before he says anything Saaransh comes there and says now he can celebrate Diwali with her and he has surprise for her and takes her with him even though Rudraksh opposes them. Saaransh talks about one aunt and Preesha shocks seeing Mahima there. She recalls all the past moments. Mahima smiles at her and Yuvraj sees everything hiding from them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mahima tells Preesha that she is alive.