Raman and Ishita on very interesting mission

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It starts with Ruhi asking Raman if he remembers about the discussion they did with him. Raman says no, when he tries to recall, he feels like someone is pushing him, He is getting a getting a headache and feels unwell, he says he will rest in his room. Mr. Bhalla stops Ishita and supports her requests her to calm down and be strong, she has to carefully handle Raman. Natasha and Sunil are seeing Arijit. Arijit asks if they went to the hospital, and that Yug went to meet their doctor. Natasha is shocked to learn that asks how is that possible, how Yug come to know about that.

Arijit says that he warned them that the Bhallas are an oversmart family, maybe Yug has seen the doctor’s details on the papers they gave to the chairman. Natasha says she  gave wrong info to the chairman. Sunil asks how did Arijit is aware that Yug is going to meet Natasha’s doctor, and what was he you doing there. Arijit gets shocked to hear those questions. Arijit says that he is not a foolish and plays his game very well, he sent his men after Yug, the men told him that Yug went to meet their doctor. Sunil thanks Arijit and says that he is very smart and saved them.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita should they take Raman to some other doctor. Natasha and asks what happened to her husband. Natasha dramatically shouts Shardul. Raman comes at the scene and asks what’s happening there and asks to stop it. Natasha says Shardul, she came to know that he is unwell, she fought them to meet him and that she can and will do anything for him.

Raman asks Ishita to give him a tablet as his head is aching a lot and asks to massage his head. She starts to massage his head. He says her hands have magic and that his headache is no more. She aks him if he liked her massage a lot. Ishita asks her to leave the scene, and thenRaman also asks her to leave. Natasha calls Arijit and says that she knows he isn’t Raman Bhalla, he is Shardul and he will come back to her soon.

Yug says he will tell Natasha about accident and meeting Bhallas, he didn’t remember anything. He has heard the doctor discussing about amnesia. He is aware that Raman is a rich man and had made the plan to take away his property. He says that he may get caught. But Ishita supports him and says that he is doing this for family and they want him to be happy. Simmi also says that they all are with him. The lady informs Karan that the doctor had called and said he won’t come for a week, as the doctor has some family emergency. Karan asks to contact him when the doctor comes.

Yug thinks something is strange and someone isn’t letting them meet the doctor and someone is keeping an eye on them. Karan also feels the same. Raman comes to see Natasha but Natasha asks him to leave. Natasha says he said he is not Shardul so he should leave. Raman worries and leaves. Natasha messages him saying sorry that she behaved such because Sunil was present, and she wants meet at night. Sunil thinks she doesn’t know that she will find the man who wants to harm her family.

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