Arijit tricks Yug very brilliantly


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The episode starts where Mihika is calling the watchman. She asks him to check on Mr. Goel. She asks if he is not at home. She says Simmi that Mrs. Goel would be alone at her home. They can go and talk to her. Simmi takes some kheer for Mrs. Goel. Mrs. Goel says that they didn’t tell her about Raman and Ishita’s problems. Mihika says that they were under stress, Raman wasn’t quite able to accept himself with a new face and top of it the investors and media was a too much stress.

Mrs. Goel agrees that Raman’s new face matches Natasha’s husband, Natasha faints. Sunil shows pic of Natasha’s husband here and don’t know what the truth is. Mihika says they will not keep any stranger at their home and that Natasha is a fraud. She is after Raman and Ishita and she is creating the trouble. She says that if Raman was her husband, he would not had stayed with them. Simmi and Mihika request her to trust them.

Yug says he is glad to meet a friend from the lab. Yug aks him if he can help him know about patient Natasha Sinha asks him about her treatment. Alok says that she is lying. Yug asks his help and Alok agrees to get her details.

Arijit asks Natasha to create a scene but Shardul don’t look tensed. Natasha asks him not to worry about it. Sunil asks her to get ready and that they have to go to the hospital. Arijit asks if they are going to the hospital. She says for a regular checkup. Alok says that, there is no patient by her name. Yug thanks Alok alot. Yug goes out and calls Ishita. Ishita says they will always support him and will plan it well. He says that he don’t know how was Shardul’s behavior and that she will understand that he is pretending.

Aaliya calls Yug. He agrees to pick her. Yug sees Natasha and Sunil. He says they left and that  Natasha is getting treated there. Yug asks the lady some information about Natasha. She asks Yug to wait awhile. The doctor is busy with some other patients. Arijit gets shocked seeing him. Yug meets the doctor and says that he is Natasha’s cousin. He wants to help her and bring her out of the situation she is in. Arijit tries to do something. He goes and shouts on the nurse. He asks where the doctor is and argues.

Arijit says that everyone is helping each other since Raman came back. He needs to do something to distract them. He needs to find some weak link. Yug informs everyone about Natasha and Sunil. Raman says that someone has tipped them off or else why the doctor would not come back. Ishita says she thinks that someone is helping them.