Killer of Doctor found, Ishita feels provoked


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Raman says I am your Raman try to just identify me. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to close her eyes and feel as if it is the same feeling. Raman says when Romi and I used to fight a lot, and our dad used to take Romi’s side always and you used to take my side. Mrs. Bhalla says I don’t know what’s happening here. Mr. Bhalla says that he is our son Raman and he needs our love. She gets a call and she asks where are you, I am coming to save you. Raman takes the call and shouts who are you and come if you dare. She cries and says his life is in danger. Mr. Bhalla says our Raman is here calm down. She gets dizzy and Yug and Mihika take her to room. Raman says I will go away I can’t see this. Sudha says please don’t blame yourself and we should go to the police first.

Sunil says I got Raman’s voice from his old business speech and I got this software to use his voice. Natasha says it is not good to fool an old woman and everything is fair in love and war. He says you are doing this for money and you don’t love Shardul. Mamta comes and says please save me. Natasha asks how did she come here. Mamta says the police is after me and please save me. Natasha says if Bhalla’s spot you and we all go to jail and get out of here. Mamta says you help me now you asked me to do all this and I will tell the truth to Bhallas. Natasha and Sunil run after her. Sudha tells the Inspector that someone called her as Raman. Ishita says a phone is off now then Mamta shouts please save me. Inspector asks who are you and Mamta says that the woman will kill me. Natasha runs the Police chase her.

Karan says that Sunil used Raman’s voice by this software to trouble Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita gets very angry. Sunil gets a message and Mamta says please save me from this woman, I have something to say. Natasha had killed Dr. Mishra. Everyone and Natasha get shocked. Natasha says it is a lie and I did everything for Shardul. Sunil tells them that I didn’t kill anyone and thats the truth and Natasha killed Dr. Mishra. Natasha gets very shocked by listening to this.
She asks why are you lying. Then Sunil says that she will kill me too after this please save me. Natasha gets arrested by the police. Sunil and Mamta give their statements. Inspector asks Yug to come along. Ishita asks why he should get a clean chit. Inspector says Yug has to come with us. Raman calls the lawyer and asks him to come to police station Karan also says he will join and then they leave.

Ishita asks why she killed her doctor. Karan asks why did you withdraw the case against Mansi. Ishita says yes and that she thought Yug killed her husband. I know what I went through getting news of the plane crash and she isn’t a bad person and someone provoked her. Aaliya says that we have to find out who provoked her. We have to ask Mansi and I want to help her in coping up with the loss. Also, Raman says you didn’t change at all he smiles.