Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 17th January 2020 : Roshni And Aman Get Married Again

Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 17th January 2020 upcoming story on

The Episode begins with Roshni seeing Parveen and believing to find out what’s happening. Aman says its final warning Chotu, if you run in between again. . Dadi asks for Roshni. She goes for her. Parveen meets Soha. Roshni looks on and believes we’d buried Soha, how is she living, what’s she doing with Parveen. Parveen uses her power and strikes Soha. Soha falls down.

Roshni gets shocked and moves back. The vase falls. Parveen goes to see. Roshni hides and believes is Parveen a Jinn too. Dadi asks why are you so concerned. Dadi asks her to change. Dadi brings Roshni in bridal apparel. Aman smiles. Parveen believes Aman will perish because of Ayana. Tabeezi gets Roshni’s telephone and asks why did you call me. Roshni says I know you will find it odd, can this occur that Parveen is a Jinn. Tabeezi asks what.

Roshni tells everything. She asks how to kill Jinnat King, with the sword? Tabeezi says no, only Ayana can kill him, just like the union, we can talk afterwards. Roshni cries and believes what does Parveen desire, she’s concealed this from Aman, was it Parveen that afternoon. She recalls Soha attacking Aman. Qazi asks do you take this Nikaah. Roshni believes why does Parveen want to kill Aman. The toxin spreads in her palms. Dadi asks Roshni to reply. Roshni says I take. Everyone smiles.

Roshni asks what is Parveen’s plan, I will die before Aman gets hurt. She gets stunned seeing the toxin. She believes poison is in the place where Aman kissed me . Qazi asks Aman does he accept the Nikaah. Aman says I take. The curtain between bride and groom fall down. Roshni thinks if toxin spreads, then Aman will eliminate it, Aman will not get saved then. She yells to Aman. Aman and everybody get shocked seing Roshni turning blue. Aman runs to her and holds her hand. He lifts the veil and has stunned seeing her face turned pale blue. Everybody looks on shocked. Parveen smiles.

Roshni falls over Aman. Aman yells and lifts her. He takes her into the room. Everyone follows. Aman asks Roshni to open her eyes. He asks Dadi what occurred. Dadi says I believe someone gave her poison. Aman sees Roshni’s hand. He says what is this spot. He recalls kissing her hands. He states the mark is for me. Dadi asks how can this occur. He calls Baazigar and does magic to save Roshni. The magic does not work. He tries again. Aman says her heartbeat is falling, her temperature is falling, what will we do today.

Parveen thinks do not waste time in crying, eliminate the toxin so you die, one needs to teach every route to son. She says and acts Aman, do not attempt to eliminate toxin by sucking, but that is the only way, it possibly dangerous. Aman says I’ll do this if Roshni gets nice this way. Parveen thinks great, give me a lifetime. Dadi says do not do so, your life will even fall at risk. Parveen says yes. She thinks I must have murdered my Saas first. Aman says Roshni would haven’t thought for a moment when she had been in my place. He recalls Roshni.

He cries. Parveen asks Dadi to stop Aman. She makes a wicked face. Aman stops and sees the toxin getting away from Roshni’s body. Roshni opens her eyes. Parveen is shocked. Aman wipes tears. Parveen believes how can this occur, poison got away by itself. Aman says Roshni… are you fine. Roshni says yes, my muscles as well as my head is strong, nothing occurs to me, once I watched the blue mark on my hands, I called Tabeezi. FB reveals Roshni asking Tabeezi what to do, the poison is spreading.

Tabeezi says prevent the poison from spreading, make the hands bleed. Roshni hurts her hands. It bleeds. FB ends. Roshni says I’m smart, right. Salma says yes. Aman says that you don’t understand what you’re for me, I…. Roshni sees everyone. They laugh. Chotu says complete it. Aman says shut up. Roshni says maybe toxin affected me so that I fainted, you know how did it happen. He says yes, I saw the mark and I remembered that I… Phupi asks him to state. He says I’ve… Roshni says that he kissed me on my hand. They all laugh. Aman says yes, but how can this occur. Tabeezi says I will inform. They all go into the pool.

They see the crystal clear water at the pool. Tabeezi uses her abilities and brings out the hidden black toxin in the pool. Everyone gets shocked. Tabeezi understands the black apple out in the waters. She holds it. She says there’s a soul named Zehrili at a tree in the jungle, this is poisonous apple from that tree, somebody has put this in the water so that its toxin reaches Aman. Everyone is shocked.