Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 26th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Written Update

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 26th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Written Update on

The episode starts with the flashback of Junaid Khan because of whom Jinn is at the back of Aman. Junaid who was having lots of loans got insulted by the Nawabs to return their money. Junaid who was insulted decides to go to Jinn to get his help for becoming rich.

Junaid leaves a pregnant Parveen and his family and sets out to find Jinn. He travels using boat and cuts his hand with the anchor and drops the anchor in the river. He let’s his blood falls into the water and he chants prayers calling jinn.

Jinn appears in front of him and Junaid says that he wants to become the richest man in the place. Jinn in return asks for his first successor which happens to be Aman. Junaid in his blind frustration agrees to give Aman to Jinn and this is the reason Jinn is at the back of Aman.

Junaid takes leave from Parveen and family and sets out to Lucknow aa per Jinn’s saying. He meets Rubina who is the sister of a wealthy Nawab. Due to the effect of Jinn Rubina falls in love with Junaid and marries him on her own will. Rubina’s brother and his wife too accepted Junaid for Rubina’s happiness.

Rubina’s brother makes him business partner and using this Junaid cheats her brother and gets the power of attorney on his name without his knowledge.

Then both Jinn and Junaid plan Plane crash of Rubina’s brother and his wife and they both die in the crash. Junaid takes their baby girl who happens to be Roshni and leaves her on the flowing river. Soon Rubina too gives birth to Farha. Junaid is living happily with Rubina and Farha.

Parveen who’s now having Aman is waiting eagerly for Junaid. Parveen and the whole family comes to Junaid’s mansion and gets happy seeing him. Parveen gets shocked seeing Rubina with her child while Rubina too gets shocked seeing Parveen and the whole family. Parveen who’s blinded by the love of Junaid blames Rubina for trapping her husband in the relation.

Precap : Jinn casts it’s shadow on Aman and everyone fights with him. Rubina fights Jinn and saves Aman.

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