Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Upcoming Story and Highlights of the week: Aman tries to save Roshni’s life

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Upcoming Story and Highlights of the week on

Star plus one of the most popular show of current times, ” Yehh Jadoo Hain Jinn Ka” is having the most nail biting twist and turns in the story line these days. The current track of the story is revolving around the twin sisters Chandni and Laila. Chandni is a pure soul and princess of the Red Moon. However, after coming through many obstacles, finally Aman and Roshni are able to defeat Laila and her malicious thoughts and plans.

Roshni stabbed Laila in a process to get rid of her and her wrong motives. However, Laila cursed Roshni for not being able to be alive for more than 24 hours and she will meet her end soon. On the other hand, Roshni is unaware of the fact that she is pregnant and is going to be a mother of twin babies. Aman on the other hand is very excited as he is going to be a father but you want to keep his excitement in check because Roshni doesn’t want to talk about it in front of all.

However the family members got to know about it and they decided to celebrate the moment and make it special for Roshni. After a long time, the entire family is together to spend a very cute and nice moment all together. Roshni is also delighted to be back in the family after a separation of 1 year. Aman who is taking care of Roshni indirectly, noticed that she is surrounded by danger and it can approach her at any time at any day. Aman saved Roshni many times from the life threatening situations. Such as, Roshni is about to fall from the stairs while descending , Aman goes to save her and rescues her. However, Roshni and Aman had a heart to heart conversation as well this week.

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Roshni sales to Aman if this day is my last one time to be alive then I want to live this day with full energy and happiness. Alongside, Aman is trying his best to save the life of Roshni but so many nightmares are making him worry about her health and well being. In short, the life of Aman and Roshni is stuck to such a point where they both are not even get to celebrate the biggest happiness of their life.

Moreover, it will be another interesting twist to see how Roshni is going to react to the pregnancy news of herself. Will Aman be able to save Roshni from the curse of Laila? What will happen to their love story next?

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