Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 15th June 2022 Written Update: Armaan apologises to Dia


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 15th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Armaan sleeping in the hall, while Sudha comes there and confronts him. She gets worried about Dia and his relationship and questions that why he isn’t sleeping inside his room? To which he assures her that everything is fine and lies that Dia is working on some project, so he went out as he doesn’t wanted to disturb her. Sudha gets relieved and was about to go, when her stomach starts aching due to the acidity. Armaan becomes tensed and calls Dia, he panics seeing Sudha’s state while everyone gathers there.

Here, Armaan gives several medicines to Sudha and Saloni brings a lemonade for her. Dia also gets some medicine and gives it to Sudha, while the latter takes the drink and feels relieved. Armaan takes a breath of relief after seeing his mother fine and shows his concern towards her. Meanwhile, Madhu takes the lemonade and drinks it, while everyone laughs seeing her.

Sudha says that she is so fortunate to get a son like Armaan, who cares for her so much. She states that even in her minute pain, he was so worried, while Armaan realises his of not supporting Dia in her decision. Meanwhile, Palki gets inside her parents room and declares to sleep in between them.

Elsewhere, Anju and Brij let’s her come on the bed and starts telling her a story, just like he used to do in her childhood. He narrates her a story, while she falls asleep. Anju gets elated seeing Palki and recalls their happy memories, whereas Brij shows his proudness for his daughters. Anju states that they will always be together in all their lives.

Armaan gets inside Dia’s room, while she looks worried and ask about Sudha’s health. He assures her that she is fine and then apologises to Dia for not supporting her decision. He says that he understood his mistake and tells about his feelings when Sudha was having pain. Dia tells Armaan that she can’t be able to bear the pain, which her father is going through.

Ahead, Dia declares that she can do anything to cure her father, while Aaram tells that he will always support her. He then ask her not to tell the truth to Sudha, as she couldn’t be able to understand but Dia denies stating that the latter is having so much of high expectations from them for the baby and she can’t break her heart.

Dia decides to tell the truth to Sudha, while Armaan finally agrees to her. He tells that he will always stand with her in all her decision and gives a heartwarming promise to her. She gets emotional seeing his love towards her, whereas Sudha discuss about her excitement with Bhavana. She says that she is happy as Dia and Armaan are themselves consulting gynaecologist and are preparing for their baby.

Further, Bhavna makes fun of Dia and ask Sudha to pray that the baby’s color goes on Armaan and not Dia. Whereas, Sudha gets silent. Meanwhile, Dia calls Anju and notify her about the matter. The latter tries to stop Dia and says that she can’t take the decision on her own. She determines to consult the doctor before planning anything, while the latter stays firm on her decision and prohibits Anju from telling the truth to Brij. Later, Anju prays to god for help.

Precap:- Dia tells Sudha that they aren’t planning a baby at the moment and notify her about the truth. She says that her father is battling for his life and needs a bone marrow transplant. She apprises that her bone marrow matches him and tells that she won’t be able to conceive for atleast one to two years after the surgery. Whereas, Sudha gets furious and confronts Armaan for taking such huge decision without consulting her.

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