Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 16th March 2022 Written Update: Armaan gets confused seeing Dia’s behaviour


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 16th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Palki and Armaan having a conversations in between them. She takes him inside her room and ask to guess what are the things which belongs to her. She notify him that she shares her room with her sister Dia. Whereas, Armaan looks around and starts guessing the things which could belong to Palki. He shows the books which were kept on the bed and says that he also brought the same. Palki replies that it belongs to her sister and not her. He then sees badminton and takes it, notifying that he plays it in his free time while Palki says that it also doesn’t belong to her. He then notices Ukulele and gets surprised. He praises Palki for playing it and tells that he also have a guitar.

Here, Dia also comes inside the room and glares him during his conversation with Palki. Whereas, Palki notify him that the Ukulele belongs to Dia and apprises that she herself doesn’t know anything about it. Meanwhile, Armaan suggests her to polish the instrument once a while to keep it working properly. He says that polishing will bring the shine in the instrument and states that it is necessary for the instrument to look good.

Dia gets offended by Armaan’s statement and snatches the Ukulele from him. She mocks him for judging everything based on their external appearance, while he gets confused with her words. She leaves from there after glaring him and bumps into Anju. She then helps her mother to peel the peas.

Elsewhere, Anju tries to talk to Dia regarding Armaan and Palki’s relationship. She tells Dia that Armaan is far better then the other boyfriends of Palki. She says that they are impressed by him and it will be nice of they agrees to marry, while Dia gets furious and goes away from there. Armaan’s words keeps ringing in her ears and then she calls Kajal and goes to meet her.

Krish confronts Armaan about his meeting with Palki, while latter doesn’t show any interest. He sees Palki’s instagram pictures and praises her. He questions Armaan about the problem, while latter himself looks confused. Krish sees the instrument which Armaan bought for Dia, but she denied to take and gets surprised by it.

Ahead, Armaan tells that he buyed it for Dia but she rejected it. He shares his perspective about Dia and says that she always gets offended whenever he tries to talk to her. He keeps talking about Dia, while Krish understands him and assures that he will surely get someone who is compatible for him, whereas Bhavna hears their conversation and gets angry.

Dia goes to meet Kajal and gets embarrassed seeing a man coming out of her house. He buttons on his shirt and looks at Dia stating that because of her, Kajal throws him out of the house earlier then their usual timing. Meanwhile, he leaves and she gets inside the house. Kajal confronts her stating that she must be judging her and tells that it is hard for a divorcee to live alone.

Further, Dia questions Kajal if she doesn’t want to move on in her life and start her own family? To which latter says that she have several dreams to achieve and so she can’t tie herself in a relationship. She says that people only do affairs with her after knowing that she is divorcee. She shows her box of memories to Dia, while latter gets shocked seeing Kajal’s pictures with Armaan and identified her to be his first wife. She then ids adieu to Kajal.

Precap:- Dia rebukes Armaan and blames him to be a characterless person. She tags him as a guy who takes advantages of innocent girls and have affairs with several womens. Whereas, Armaan replies back to her and tells that she puts her frustration out on others. He states that she got jealous after seeing him with Palki, while she glares at him.

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