Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 20th June 2022 Written Update: Brij wins the battle against cancer


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 20th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Brij getting conscious, whereas Dia looks after him. Brij gets happy seeing her and tells that he wanted her during his operation. Palki gets elated seeing her father being fine and hugs him, while he ask her to be careful. Whereas, Anju notify that she planned to visit the pilgrimage when Brij and his donor’s surgery will get successful.

She ask Palki if her tickets are confirmed? To which the latter answer positively. Anju meets Brij and ask him to look after himself. She also hugs Palki and then Dia. She reminds Dia that the doctor has only given 15 minutes of time to her, in order to meet Brij and ask her to take rest.

Here, Anju gets concerned for Dia and reminds her not to tire herself and gets proper rest. Whereas, the latter assures her that she will look after herself and ask Anju not to be worried. Meanwhile, she meets Armaan and shows her gratitude towards him for always supporting them. She ask him to look after Dia and was about to leave, when Palki ask her to take a family picture.

Palki clicks a selfie with her family, while Bhavna shows the diary of Saloni to Madhu. She tells that the latter have feelings for Armaan and states that she will be the best partner for her brother. Madhu gets excited and shares that she always wanted Saloni to be their daughter-in-law. She praises all the qualities of Saloni and ploys a plan again Dia.

Elsewhere, Madhu determines to throw Dia out of Armaan’s life and decides to get him married to Saloni. She appreciates Bhavna for finding about the truth and states that they will use this to throw Dia out of their house. Whereas, they goes towards Sudha’s room and tries to cheer her up.

Bhavna shows Dia’s family photo and tells that they all are enjoying, without caring about Sudha. She tries to instigate Sudha against Dia along with Madhu. Whereas, the latter shows the diary of Saloni to Sudha and tells that the latter have feelings for Armaan. She tells that Saloni is perfect for him and tries to convince Sudha regarding it.

Ahead, Sudha says that she always wanted Saloni to be Armaan’s partner, as she has all the qualities to become a perfect daughter-in-law and wife. Bhavna tells that Saloni also cares for them and will always agree to whatever Sudha will tell. She states that Dia never thought or cared about them, but Saloni is opposite of her. Sudha gets happy thinking about Armaan and Saloni’s marriage.

Sudha also realises that Aaan won’t agree to leave Dia and tells that the operation also gets successful. Bhavna also shows her disappointment stating that Dia is fine after the surgery, to which Madhu ask them not to worry and makes a cunning plan. Meanwhile, Dia and Palki looks after Brij and the latter prays for his donor.

Further, Dia decides to return back to Rastogis house but Armaan stops her. He ask her to stay with her father, but she worries about Sudha’s reaction. He assures that he will convince Sudha and then goes back to his house. He notify his mother about Dia, while she behaves weirdly. He gets confused seeing her not getting upset about it and then goes back inside his room, while Sudha tells that it is good for their plan that Dia won’t return to the house.

Precap:- Dia searches for Armaan and gets restless. She questions Bhavna that if she has seen him? To which the latter replies that he must be inside his room. Dia gets worried thinking that Armaan haven’t seen her messages or replied back to her calls. She goes inside the room and gets shocked seeing Armaan and Saloni in a close position. Armaan was sleeping on the lap of Saloni, while Dia keeps staring at them.

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