Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 21st June 2022 Written Update: Bhavna locks Armaan and Saloni inside a room


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 21st June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhavna getting locked inside the room and shouts for help. She tries to open the door but it gets jammed from inside. Saloni along with Sudha and Madhu comes there and then opens the door from outside and brings Bhavna out. She tells that the door isn’t working properly and decides to renew it, whereas at that time Bhavna gets a devious ploy. She decides to lock Saloni and Armaan inside the room and ploys to make Dia jealous of their closeness. She gets elated thinking about it and proclaims to tell her mother and Madhu about it.

Here, Bhavna notify about her plan to Sudha and Madhu, while the latter gets excited. Sudha hesitates for a bit thinking about the concequences, but Bhavna assures her. She reminds Sudha that how Dia always goes against her and isn’t suitable for the family. She ask Sudha to stay focused in their plan and proclaims that soon they will get rid of Dia from their house.

Sudha agrees to Bhavna’s plan and says that she is irked by Dia’s behaviour. Whereas, the latter keeps trying to contact Armaan via her phone. She then looks after her father and prohibits him from doing any work. She instructs him to take his medicines on time, while he tells that Palki has already given him the medicines.

Elsewhere, Dia and Brij gets shocked seeing Palki’s changed look and behaviour. He jokes that she has taken the place of her mother, whereas the latter does Puja fot Brij and gives aarti to Dia and him. Dia also teases her and ask Brij to find a husband for Palki as soon as possible. Both father and daughter laughs about it, while Palki scolds them and goes away from there.

Bhavna, Madhu and Sudha decides to leave for the temple. They notify about it to Saloni and states that they couldn’t able to take her with them because someone needs to stay at the home. Saloni assures them that she will be fine, while Sudha requests her to fold the clothes. Saloni accepts it happily and takes the clothes to the room.

Ahead, Armaan also comes downstairs and Sudha notify about their decision of visiting the temple. Bhavna tells Armaan that Saloni hasn’t eaten anything and insists him to feed her, while he goes inside her room with a plate of food, while Bhavna and Madhu smirks as their plan gets successful.

Armaan forces Saloni to eat something but she denies. He makes her eat by his hand, while Bhavna locks them inside the room. Saloni tells Armaan that the door will get open only from the outside and they starts waiting for someone to come there. They both forgot their phone outside and gets trapped there. Whereas, Dia keeps calling Armaan and Bhavna lies to her that they both went together to somewhere.

Further, Armaan and Saloni recalls their childhood memories and talks about it. Whereas, he gets tired and falls asleep by putting his head on her shoulder. She smiles looking at him and makes him sleep on her lap. Whereas, Dia returns back to Rastogis house and starts searching for Armaan. She confronts Bhavna, while the latter sends her towards Saloni’s room. Dia opens the door and gets shocked seeing Armaan and Saloni’s close position.

Precap:- Madhu acts to be shocked seeing Saloni and Armaan together. She confronts them, while Armaan tries to explain how they both gets locked inside the room. Bhavna tells that they got late while returning back to the hoise from the temple. Madhu again repeats her words that Armaan and Saloni had to spend while night together inside the room. Whereas, Dia looks at her feeling anxious.

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