Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 21st March 2022 Written Update: Dia apologises to Armaan


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 21st March 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Armaan sitting on the waiting area of hospital, while Dia comes there and sit opposite to him, facing her back. She looks at him and then shows her gratitude for helping them. She says that he have done a lot for them, while he sees her and teases her to say it again. She turns away being hesitant. He smiles stating that he isn’t habituated of her thanks, as she always keeps taunting him. She gets nervous and then apologises to him for her ride behaviour. She says that she misjudged him and insists to accept her apology.

Here, Dia looks at a kid sitting in front of her and smiles at him. She greets him while he replies back. She brings out a chocolate and gives it to him, while he happily takes at. At that time his kother comes there and snatches the chocolate from him. She taunts Dia for her skin-colour and returns the chocolate back to her.

Armaan hears their conversation and feels bad for Dia. He takes a deep breath to calm himself and says to Dia that she have hidden lots of pain inside her. She fakes a smiles denying him, while he says that he can see the pain in her smile behind her smile. She turns away and tries to stop her tears, while he looks on.

Elsewhere, Dia changes her seat and sits near Armaan. They both exchange an eyelock and shares some silent conversations. At that time Bhavna and Sudha comes inside the hospital. Bhavna gets shocked seeing Dia near her brother and shows it to Sudha. She instigates her mother against Dia.

Sudha goes near Dia and ask about Jhanvi, to which latter assures that she is out of the danger. She goes inside the cabin to see her, while Bhavna confronts Dia and starts taunting her. She reminds about her warning to stay away from Armaan.

Ahead, Dia tries to make Bhavna understand, but latter keeps mocking her. At that time nurse comes to give medicine list to Dia to bring for Jhanvi, while Bhavna takes it and embarrass Dia in front of the nurse. Dia answer back to Bhavna and gives a befitting reply, making her shut.

Mathurs and Rastogis surrounds Jhanvi and shows their concern, while Amit pours his love towards his wife. Sudha wishes Jhanvi to recover soon, while Bhavna intentionally sends Armaan and Palki together to get some snacks and coffees. She shows her concern towards her brother and says that he should rest as he looks tired.

Further, Dia sees Kajal’s missed calls and calls her back. Whereas, latter picks the cal and lies that she mistakenly called her. Dia understands her lie and ask her to tell the matter. Kajal cries and says how again she got betrayed in relationship. She shares her pain with Dia, while latter consoles her. She notify Kajal about Jhanvi’s condition. Meanwhile, Armaan also comes there and both walks together.

Precap:- Dia fills the form in the hospital for Jhanvi, while Kajal visits their to meet her. Kajal walks near to Dia, whereas Armaan also comes there. Kajal dashes with the wardboy and her bag falls down, while the wardboy helps her to pick it up. At that time Armaan sees her and gets shocked.

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