Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 23rd March 2022 Written Update: Palki to challenge Armaan


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 23rd March 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sudha showing Armaan’s childhood pictures to him. She shows him some holi photographs and reminds that his father used to love celebrating Holi in Chandni Chowk. She tells that he used to say that the people of Chandni Chowk celebrates holi in the best way. She apprises Armaan about her husband’s love for that place and states that he moved on from there, but his attachment to that place never fades away. Armaan nods stating that he remembers those memories. She gets emotional telling that it was their last Holi with his father and states that she misses him, while he also gets silent. She questions if he remembers his father’s favourite sweet, to which he nods positively and they both laughs getting flashes of the past.

Here, Sudha tells Armaan that Mathurs have invited them to celebrate Holi in Chandni Chowk and insists him to come there, so that they can relive his father’s memories. Armaan agrees to go there, while Sudha gets shocked and ask how easily he agreed. She declares that she didn’t expect him to answer positively, while he tells that there isn’t any problem in celebrating Holi.

Armaan tells Sudha that he will explain about their plan to Krish and goes to meet his brother. Where, the latter talks to his girlfriend and breaksup with her. He notify Armaan about the matter, while latter scolds his brother for taking his relationships casually. He says that Krish should start being serious about his life and tells that he should respect others emotions.

Elsewhere, Armaan states that he can’t deal with Krish anymore and was about to go away from there, when latter stops him and says that he never use to leave him without making him understand properly. He questions if anything is going on with Armaan? To which latter remembers his moments with Dia and goes away.

Dia locks herself inside her room and takes food with her to enjoy the movies marathon. She prepares to have fun inside her room, while at that time Palki comes there and insists Dia to open the door. The latter gets cautious and slowly let’s Palki comes inside, while she insists her sister to play Holi with them. Dia denies and ask Palki to enjoy the festival, whereas Palki gets unsuccessful in convincing her.

Ahead, Dia ask Palki to apply the coconut oil in her face and hair so that colour will come out easily. She leaves from there while Dia again closes the door. Later, Rastogis reaches to Chandni Chowk and Mathura welcomes them. Palki applies colour to Armaan and everyone wishes eachother. Armaan imagines Dia near him playing holi “Yeh Laal Ishq” song plays.

Armaan comes back to reality and questions Palki about Dia, to which katter notify that Dia have fear of colours and she never celebrates holi with anyone. Whereas, Krish gets involved in conversation with Palki and clicks pictures. Meanwhile, Armaan gets interested in bringing Dia downstairs whereas Palki challenges him that latter won’t come.

Further, Armaan knocks Dia’s door to come out but she denies and ask him to go. She wishes him happy holi while he says that he have some surprise for her and slides a note inside her room. She smiles seeing his drawing, while he tricks her into opening the room by lying that he is going from there. As soon as she peaks out of her room, Armaan colours her. She gets angry with him while he tries to pacify her. Palki and Krish also joins him. He ask about her reason not to celebrate Holi, while she says that there isn’t any specific reason, but she doesn’t like when people apply colour weirdly. He assures her that only her family members will colour her and she will enjoy. He insists her to trust him, while she looks on.

Precap:- Dia dances along with Armaan and both enjoys themselves. They keeps looking at eachother, while Sudha notices them and gets shocked. She keeps staring at their closeness and becomes furious.

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