Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 24th March 2022 Written Update: Sudha gets worried seeing Armaan and Dia’s closeness


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 24th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Armaan asking Dia to celebrate Holi with them, while she keeps glaring at him being mad. Where, Palki and Krish also requests her. They insists her to play Holi and looks at her with hopeful eyes. She stares at them but still stays silent. Armaan thinks that she isn’t going to come and was about to leave along with Palki and Krish, when Dia also follows them. She smirks and applies colour on Armaan’s face, while others starts laughing. Armaan becomes elated and applies colour on her also “Rang Lagiya Ishq Ka” song plays. Dia then runs behind Palki and Krish to colour them, while latter rushes downstairs.

Here, Dia’s parents looks at Palki running away and then notices Dia following her with a colourful face. They gets shocked and Anju ask if she is their daughter Dia only? To which her husband also looks equally dumbstruck. Meanwhile, Dia and Palki comes towards their parents and tells how Armaan convinced her.

Mathurs was about to show their gratitude towards Armaan, when he stops them and ask to bless them instead of thanking him. He mingles well with Dia’s parents, while Sudha remembers Bhavna’s words about Armaan getting attracted towards Dia and marrying her instead of Palki.

Elsewhere, Sudha gets worried about Armaan decision and forcefully sends him along with Palki. He dances along with her, but keep getting glimpses of Dia. He feels attracted towards her, while Palki stares at Armaan and shows her gratitude stating that she have done so much for them.

Armaan days that he just pushed Dia a little and she herself comes forward her fear of colours. He then goes towards Dia and both starts dancing madly. He keeps staring at her, while she gets conscious and tries to go away from there. Meanwhile, she was about to fall when he protected her and she slips on his arms “Jao Mai Jaha Jaaye Tu” song plays.

Ahead, Sudha gets furious seeing Armaan along with Dia and thinks about keeping the latter away from her son. Whereas, Armaan found himself lost in Dia’s eyes, but soon they realises their position and gets separated. Meanwhile, Pakhi keeps staring at Armaan and remembers how he always helped them. She smiles feeling special about him.

Sudha talks about Armaan and Palki’s relationship, while he tries to ignore it. Krish shows his gratitude towards Mathurs and says that he enjoyed a lot with them. He says that he can’t be able to enjoy holi anywhere else, rather then Chandni Chowk, to which they gives him permission to come there anytime he wants. They bids adieu and goes away, while Armaan and Dia stares at each other. Whereas, the kid who saved Dia from holi, Montu gets angry with her stating that she enjoyed holi without him, while she explains him about the situation.

Further, Sudha remembers Armaan’s closeness with Dia and gets worried. Krish shows her the pictures posted by Palki, while she stares at Dia coming in between them. She ask Armaan to tell his decision regarding Palki as Mathurs are expecting him to agree for the relationship. He ask her not to stress him and says that she already knows his decision and still forced him to be close to Palki. He goes inside his room, while Sudha gets tensed. Meanwhile, Palki thinks about her growing feelings towards Armaan and then both Dia and Palki smiles remembering their moments with Armaan.

Precap:- Dia gets excited while chatting with Armaan. Meanwhile, he also becomes elated and smiles looking at Dia’s message and was about to send her a reply, when Krisha snatches his phone and teases him. He tries to see the person with who Armaan was chatting, while latter rushes behind him to take his phone back. Whereas, Dia and Palki gets a message and both os them thinks it to be from Armaan.

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