Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 25th June 2022 Written Update: The show ends on a happy note


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 25th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Palki getting ready while Brij praises her. She ask him that if she is looking fine, to which he denies just to tease her. They both spends a happy moment, while at that time she gets a call from Sudha, who asked her to come to the Rastogi’s residence.

Palki gets worried and shares her tension with Brij, while he assures that everything will be fine. She states that what if Krish has told his mother about their relationship? She ask if Sudha will accept her as their daughter-in-law? Brij calms her and advice to think positively.

Here, Palki gets excited and goes to meet Sudha. Whereas, the latter fumes in anger after learning about Krish and Palki’s relationship. She confronts Palki and starts shouting at her for trying to snatch Krish. Palki gets shocked with her reaction and tries to clearify the allegations. Whereas, Armaan, Dia, Krish and others also comes there.

Sudha blames Dia for manipulating Krish and letting Palki trap him in love. Armaan gets stunned and ask Sudha about the matter. He insists her not to shout at Palki and Dia. Sudha tells him about Krish and Palki’s relationship and shows their pictures to everyone. Krish tries to explain her stating that he was about to tell her the truth.

Elsewhere, Sudha rebukes Krish and ask him to stay quiet. She puts all the blame on Dia stating that it was her strategy to bring Palki into their house, so that both sisters can rule the house and snatch her place. Palki cries seeing the situation, while Armaan tries to stop Sudha and says that she must have misunderstood Dia.

Sudha gets furious seeing Armaan taking a stand for Dia and looses her calm. She says that he will never understand her and will always consider Dia right. Her health starts deteriorating, while everyone gets worried. She declares that Armaan and Krish should go to Jammu along with Saloni, while everyone gets shocked.

Ahead, Bhavna and Madhu gets worried after hearing Sudha’s decision. Armaan tries to to calm Sudha and brings water for her, but she breaks the glass. She denies to do anything unless he will accept her decision. She goes inside her room and starts packing her stuffs to leave the house, while all gets tensed for her. Sudha falls unconscious while packing her luggage, while Dia immediately breaks the window and goes inside the room.

Dia opens the door lock and let’s everyone come inside the room. They all panics seeing Sudha’s condition and immediately sprinkles water on her face. Armaan makes her rest on the bed, while she slowly regains her consciousness. Armaan agrees to accept all her demands, while Dia stops him and says that she and Palki is the problem for Sudha.

Further, Dia decides to leave the house along with Palki and apologises for all the inconveniences to Sudha. She also clearifies everything with Bhavna and Madhu and goes towards the door after taking their blessings. Everyone insists Sudha to stop them, while the latter finally ask them not to leave. She realises her mistake and apologises to Dia. She also gives blessings to Krish and Palki. Whereas, Madhu ask Palki to click a selfie of their family.

The end.

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