Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 28th March 2022 Written Update: Dia gets pranked by a stranger


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 28th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhavna complaining about her in-laws to Sudha. She says that they doesn’t include her in any of their decisions and doesn’t even value her suggestions. She feels frustrated and tells that she have rights by being their daughter-in-law and they should prioritise her inputs. Whereas, Sudha smiles hearing Bhavna’s non-stop complains. She tries to stop her and ask not to say so much bad about her in-laws. She jokes about it stating that what if her daughter-in-law also complains like this at her parents house. Sudha laughs thinking about it, while Bhavna ask her to take things seriously. She says that Palki will become their daughter-in-law only when Armaan will agree to marry her.

Here, Bhavna states that her brother isn’t even serious about his relationship and ask Sudha to be aware of Dia. She says that Dia is the biggest hurdle in between Armaan and Palki’s marriage, while Sudha gets worried but proclaims not to let anyone come in between Armaan and Palki’s relationship.

Armaan comes inside his house and greets Bhavna. He ask about her while Sudha questions about Palki’s condition. He replies that she will be fine and notify that they had candle light dinner. Bhavna gets excited and compliments Armaan to be romantic for having dinner date with Palki, to which he clearifies that the electricity went off, so they had to arrange candles. He also gives credit to Dia for the idea and then gets a work call and goes inside his room.

Elsewhere, Sudha and Bhavna gets irked by hearing Dia’s name and decides to keep Armaan away from her. Meanwhile, Dia reads newspaper and then sees her horoscope where her compatibility with the partner is written. She tries to avoid it, but then couldn’t able to resist it and starts reading. She learns that her sunshine is really shy and doesn’t trust someone easily in matter of love, whereas Armaan’s sunshine is the most compatible to her.

Dia reads that she will have some differences in opinion with Armaan’s sunshine, but at the end they makes a great couple. She blushes remembering her moments with Armaan and then sees the time that she is getting late for the office and calls Kajal to pick her up. Whereas, Anju sees her husband doing Yoga taught by Armaan, while latter praises Armaan for being a great tutor.

Ahead, Palki’s parents ask her about her spasm, to which she states that it is better then before. They says that she will need some more sessions and will be fine, while she agrees. Meanwhile, Sudha shows Armaan and Palki’s horoscope to the priest. Whereas, Armaan also sees it and confronts them. He starts interrogating the priest, while Sudha ask him to stop.

Sudha scolds Armaan for misbehaving with the priest while he blames it on her for starting. He reminds her that he don’t believe in all those things and says that it is upto him that when he will marry. He gets flashes of Dia and then leaves from there, while Sudha apologises to the priest and says that she wants to be clear about Armaan’s marriage this time. She remembers how his first marriage was affected, while Priest says that Armaan and Palki have to face some problems, to which Bhavna points out at Dia.

Further, Dia shows her gratitude towards Kajal for picking her up. Whereas, Kajal tells Dia that she have two different personalities, one in office and other in personal life. She tells that she lives her life carefree, whereas Dia compares it with her life and thinks that she misses fun in her life. At that time a guy comes and proposes Dia shocking her, she confronts and scolds him, to which he tells the truth about prank and kind of insults her face colour. Kajal tries to hit him and rebukes badly, while Dia stops her and then they sits back inside the car. Whereas, Palki and Dia keeps thinking about Armaan.

Precap:- Dia tells her family that she talked to Nimmi and the latter told her about a guy who matches her expectations. She tells her family that she is ready to marry that guy and shows him to her parents, whereas they gets dumbstruck learning about it. Meanwhile, Armaan also comes there and gets shocked seeing Dia’s alliance getting fixed with some other guy and both looks at eachother.

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