Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 29th March 2022 Written Update: Sudha catches Armaan’s lie


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 29th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Palki thinking about Armaan and then she realises that it’s her time to go live. She doesn’t want to chat with anyone else rather then Armaan and tries to skip her live session. She directly video calls Armaan and sees him sitting in a restaurant. She questions if he is busy and apologises for disturbing him, to which he assures her that it’s fine and tells that he went to the restaurant for client meeting. He then ask Palki about her family members, whereas she shows her gratitude towards him for teaching them exercises and tells that it really helped them. She then connects calls to Dia and takes her in the video conference.

Here, Dia sees Armaan in the call and tries to skip it, but the phone keeps ringing. Dia’s colleagues ask her to pick the phone while she unwillingly answers it. Dia ask Palki about her live session, to which latter says that she was bored and that is why called them. She also notify that she got an offer from a restaurant to review their food and ask Dia and Armaan to come there.

Armaan denies making some excuses, while Palki tells him that it is the same restaurant where Armaan already is. Whereas, Dia also denies and ask Palki and Armaan to enjoy, but Palki insists her and says that she won’t regret drinking coffee there. Dia finally agrees and her mood also gets happy after talking to them.

Elsewhere, Kajal comes to check on Dia and finds her smiling. She shows her concern towards Dia and ask her to stay happy forever. Whereas, latter Dia goes to the restaurant before the time and gets greeted by Armaan. He welcomes her and makes her sit on his table.

Armaan appreciates Dia’s personality of coming before the actual time and praises about it, whereas she tells about her profession and points it to be the reason behind her habit. Armaan gets elated after having Dia’s company and starts conversation with her, while she feels little nervous.

Ahead, Armaan talks about his favourite things and then ask Dia also about it. They both gets surprised seeing their likes and dislikes are almost same. Armaan teases her for copying him, while she laughs and says that he is trying to do it. They spends a quality time together, while Armaan goes to bring something. At that time Arjun comes inside the restaurant and Dia gets shocked seeing him.

Arjun comes near Dia and sits along with her. She gets tensed and tries to go away from there, but he forces her to sit. Everyone starts looking at them, while Dia remembers how Arjun used to get close to her. He blames her for snatching his job and position because of her emotional drama by accusing of him for breaking her heart. She replies back stating that his company would have found about his real-self. He gets furious and glares at her, while she rushes away from him.

Further, Arjun follows Dia and captivates her. He was about to slap her when Armaan comes in between and holds his hand. He glares at Arjun while latter goes away from there. Armaan ask Dia of she is fine, while she nods and wipes her tears. She moves towards her scooty while Armaan insists to drop her but she denies and assures that she will be fine. She reaches her house, while finds Armaan following her to ensure her safety. She sits outside her house to calm herself down, while Armaan gets a video call from Sudha, who mistakenly sees Dia and catches Armaan’s lie of being with his friend. She gets tensed whereas Armaan looks worried for Dia.

Precap:- Dia notify her family that she talked to Nimmi and the latter told her about a guy who matches her expectations. She tells her family that she is ready to marry that guy and shows him to her parents, whereas they gets dumbstruck learning about it. Meanwhile, Armaan also comes there and gets shocked seeing Dia’s alliance getting fixed with some other guy and both looks at eachother.

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