Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 9th March 2022 Written Update: Dia meets Armaan for the first time


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 9th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Palki questioning Dia that how she suddenly agreed to see the alliances? She ask that how their father convinced her? To which Dia smiles and avoids to reply. At that time Anju comes there and insists Dia to apply face mask for glowing skin. Dia denies but as Anju emotionally blackmails her, she agrees stating that no one can won from her mother. Anju goes away while Palki confronts Dia that she agreed to see the alliances because of their mother’s happiness. She requests her sister to look after her happiness instead of others. Whereas, Dia remembers about the big event in her workplace and goes away hurridly stating that she can’t afford to get late.

Here, Dia notify her sister about the importance of the event in her job and rushes to reach there. The model getting ready for the “Shimmer Beauty Event” complains to Dia that the makeup artist have ruined her makeup. She ask to bring someone to fix it and starts creating drama.

Dia volenteers to fix the model’s make-up while latter laughs seeing her. She insults Dia for her skin-colour and ask her to call the other staff. Dia insists to convince the model, while Jaggi comes there and ask Dia to stay away from there. She calls the other staff and let’s her fix the model’s problem.

Elsewhere, Dia gets upset while her friend Ruby comes there and takes Dia to the restaurant to give treat for her marriage. They reaches the hotel but couldn’t get a seat to sit there, as all the tables were booked. Dia requests them but her plea gets unnoticed. At that time Armaan comes there and sees them, he ask them to join him and his friend on the table.

Dia denies Armaan’s offer while he requests them stating that he will feel bad if they couldn’t able to eat there. Ruby immediately accepts his offer and they sits with them and starts eating. Ruby tells that Dia has no interest in marriage, while Armaan says that it is a smart choice. Meanwhile, Kishore Kumar song “Ek Ajnabi Hasina Se” starts playing and both Dia and Armaan enjoys it.

Ahead, Armaan insists to pay the bill but Dia denies and splits it in half for both of them. He gets impressed by her. Whereas, when they reaches back to the venue, Jaggi scolds them for going away and then tells about the blunder done by Parul. He tells that she have given food plates to the models instead of makeup products and says that their reputation is at stake. Dia gets an idea and solves the problem. Whereas, Dia’s mother calls her asking to come before 5 in the evening as the people for her alliance were coming to see her.

Dia tries to go back to home, but Jaggi doesn’t allowed her stating that only she can handle the Shimmer brand. At that time Kajal comes there and appreciates Dia for her smartness. She ask her about the problem and gives her leave stating that everything is under control. Where, Armaan’s family plans to go to see alliance for him. His mother gets worried thinking whether the matchmaker have told the girl family about Armaan’s truth or not.

Further, Armaan’s sister Bhavna comes there and relax her mother. They also doesn’t tell Armaan about the alliance and says that they will fix it first and then will notify him. Armaan’s another brother taunts Bhavna for always being in their house instead of her in-laws. Meanwhile, Armaan’s mother tells that she is very specific about the time. Whereas, Dia rushes to go to her home but her bike gets hampered. She tries to re-start it while Armaan comes there and sees her in trouble. He offers to help her and somehow convinces her. She sits along with him while he smiles looking at her.

Precap:- Dia thinks that of someone will ever love her? Whereas Armaan talks to his family stating that beauty and looks doesn’t matter and the most important thing is a personality. Meanwhile, Dia mistakenly pours water on Armaan and apologises to him. He enters her house while she gets shocked and both looks at eachother.

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