Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar Upcoming Story: Anju to get worried for Dia!


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Star Plus’s newly launched serial “Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar” is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story. Bhavna lies to Armaan in order to get him married to Palki, but will Mathurs accept the proposal? Will Armaan agrees to wed Palki rather then Dia? Amidst all the confusion, how Dia and Armaan will fall in love with eachother?

In the earlier episode, Bhavna ask Sudha about her opinion regarding Dia, to which latter praises her. Meanwhile, Bhavna instigates her mother against Dia and tries to convince her to select Palki rather then Dia. Sudha gets confused and ask Armaan about his opinion. He thinks about Dia and says that she is nice, but ask for some more time to know each other before proceeding ahead.

Here, Bhavna tells Sudha that she will convince Armaan to marry Palki, while latter says that he won’t agree for it. Bhavna reminds about the wrong choice of Armaan and tells about his first marriage which was by his choice.

Mathurs gets restless waiting for Rastogis call, while Palki shows Armaan’s social site to Dia and latter gets excited learning that their likes and dislikes matches. Palki teases her sister, while Anju gets Nimmi’s call and gets shocked learning about Rastogis decision.

Ahead, Dia gets heartbroken hearing that Rastogis wants to marry Palki rather then and locks herself inside the room. She remembers how she got humiliated in her college and tries to calm herself as she started hyperventilating.

Bhavna lies to Armaan that they went to see Palki rather then Dia, as latter doesn’t want to get married. Armaan gets confused and says that he thought otherwise. He gets into dilemma and ask for sometime. Whereas, Palki blames herself and apologises to everyone.

Further, Dia’s father consoles her and ask her to pour her emotions out. He shows her ways to remove her frustration while Dia breaksdown in front of him and requests to not bring any other alliance for her. Anju also cries seeing her daughter’s state, while her father assures her.

Now in the upcoming episode, Palki will see Armaan’s likes on her photos and gets furious. She will share her frustration with Jhanvi, while Dia hears their conversation. Palki will say that she hates Armaan, whereas Dia suggests to delete him from their lives. Meanwhile, she will also determines to remove him out of her mind.

Will Armaan find about the truth?
How Dia and Armaan will fall in love with Dia?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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