Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar Upcoming Story: Armaan to help Palki!


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Star Plus popular daily soap Ghum Hai kise Key Pyaar Meiin is grabbing the attention of the audiences. Viewers are loving the track, whereas the twists in the story is keeping them hooked to their television screens.

In the earlier episode, Dia tries to stop Palki from fulfilling her revenge. She makes Palki understand about the consequences, but latter stays firm in her decision. She ask Dia not to interfere in her life and declares that she is mature enough to handle herself. She proclaims to take her own decisions and ignores Dia, when latter tries to tell her about Armaan. Whereas, Dia gets worried for her sister.

Here, Armaan shares his feelings with his brother Krish and tells him that he is going to deny Palki regarding their alliance. Krish shows his support towards his brother and ask him to stay firm in his decision and not to back off due to any emotional drama.

Palki comes to meet Armaan at a restaurant. He gets nervous and tries to tell her about his decision without hurting her feelings. At that time her dress gets teared and she ask for his help to go till washroom. He keeps his hand to give her support, while Dia comes there and accuses Armaan for having bad intentions.

Ahead, Dia taunts Armaan and says I’ll about his character while he tries to defend himself. The manager of the restaurant throws them out of the hotel and both gets into an argument. Armaan accuses Dia to be insecure and jealous of her sister’s happiness.

Dia tries to explain her perspective to Palki, while latter explain her about the situation and says that she herself had asked Armaan for help. Whereas, Bhavna’s husband Pawan taunts her and says that Arman won’t get a nice girl to marry. Bhavna challenges him, whereas Armaan comes back and pours his anger out on his family.

Later, Armaan calms himself and apologises to everyone. Whereas, Bhavna instigate Sudha against Dia. Meanwhile, Bhavna invites Mathurs for the dinner in their house. She excludes Dia, while latter hears their conversation. Whereas, Dia’s parents thinks that Bhvana forgot to include Dia and determines to take her also with them.

Now in the upcoming episode, Bhavna will confront Dia and taunts her for having problem with Palki’s happiness. She will mock her for her dark skin colour and warns to stay away from Armaan and Palki’s relationship. Bhavna will force Dia to look at her face in the mirror and taunts that everyone always rejects her. Whereas, Armaan will tell about Dia’s attitude problem to Palki, while she takes stand for her sister and tells him that he is the reason behind it. He will declare that he never talks behind the back of anyone, while Palki will state that he have problem with Dia’s face.

Will Armaan learn about the truth?
Will Armaan agrees to marry Palki?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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