Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar Upcoming Story: Bhavna to lock Armaan and Saloni inside a room!


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Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar is unravelling lot many dramas with each passing day. The show is making the viewers curious, with its unpredictable storyline. Previously, Sudha doesn’t get convinced with Dia and Armaan’s decision and took a shocking oath. Whereas, Madhu and Bhavna manipulated her against Dia. Meanwhile, Dia’s operation becomes successful and Brij’s life gets saved.

In the current track, Bhavna learns about Saloni’s feelings for Armaan and notify Madhu and Sudha about it. They plans to get Armaan and Saloni together in order to get rid of Dia. Sudha gets hesitant about it, but Bhavna somehow convinces her.

Here, Bhavna reminds Sudha about Dia’s behaviour and compares her with Saloni. Sudha gets excited to welcome Saloni as her daughter-in-law. Whereas, Bhavna makes a perfect plan to get Armaan and Saloni close to one another.

Madhu praises Bhavna for her ploy and they executes it. They lies to Armaan and Saloni about going to the temple and locks them inside a room, whose door gets jammed and can be opened from outside only. Whereas, Dia keeps calling Armaan but couldn’t able to talk to him.

Ahead, Armaan realises that he forgot his phone outside the door, while same happened with Saloni. He then ask her to eat food, as he learns that she kept a fast for Dia and Brij. He makes her eat by his hand and both recalls their childhood moments.

Saloni keeps staring at Armaan and gets lost in him, while he thinks about Dia. Whereas, the latter looks after her father and they both teases Palki for her changed behaviour. Dia feels restless about Armaan and then goes back to Rastogis house.

Later, Armaan and Saloni sleeps near each other and Bhavna lies to Dia. The latter searches for Armaan and goes inside the room in which they got locked. She gets shocked witnessing their close proximity and becomes stunned seeing Amraan sleeping on Saloni’s lap.

Now in the upcoming episode, Madhu will act to be shocked seeing Saloni and Armaan together. She will confront them, while Armaan tries to explain how they both gets locked inside the room.

Bhavna will tell that they got late while returning back to the house from the temple. Madhu will again repeat her words that Armaan and Saloni had to spend whole night together inside the same room. Whereas, Dia will look at her feeling anxious.

Will Dia gets trapped in Bhavna’s ploy?

Will Sudha gets successful in her plan?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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