Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar Upcoming Story: Madhu and Bhavna to taunt Mathurs!


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Star Plus popular serial Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

In the earlier episode, Armaan punishes Bhavna for ruining Dia’s certificates, while the latter takes Madhu’s help to get rid of it. Meanwhile, Dia gets shocked finding about Brij losing his job and feels helpless seeing him working as a labour. She shares her agony with Armaan, while he assures to help her family. Whereas, Dia gets a job with the help of Bhavna and the latter apologises to Armaan for her deeds.

Here, Madhu invites herself and her family to Mathurs house. Anju prepares to welcome Rastogis and then finds out about Brij’s cancer. She gets devastated and hides the report from her daughters. She gets worried for Brij and prays to god, while Palki prepares the food for Rastogis.

Madhu keeps complaining to Mathurs as soon as she reaches their house. Whereas, Armaan advice Dia to hide the money inside Anju’s kitchen, so that she will think it to be her savings. Dia shows her gratitude towards Armaan for caring about her family, while the latter gets romantic with her.

Ahead, Madhu keeps an eye on Krish and Palki. She taunts Mathurs for lacking basic equipments, while Palki takes a stand for her family. Armaan also looks after Brij and handles the situation by taking about all the good aspects.

Armaan suggests to have a candle light dinner as the electricity gets cut. He helps Anju and Dia to settle the dinner. Whereas, Dia goes inside the kitchen to keep the money and finds Brij’s report. Anju comes there and stops Dia from reading the report, while the latter gets suspicious. Anju also denies to take money from Dia.

Later, Dia hides about Brij’s truth from Anju and cries remembering his helplessness. Madhu talks to her relative standing outside the house, while a goon snatches her purse. She blames Mathurs and their neighbours for it and demands to go from there.

Now in the upcoming episode, Anju will get tensed about Brij’s illness and contact the doctor asking if her husband will get fine? To which the doctor will ask her to visit him. Whereas, Armaan will hear her conversation and gets shocked. Anju will take promise from Armaan and prohibits him from telling it to anyone, specially Dia. He will assure her that he won’t notify Dia about it.

Will Anju find out about Brij’s lie?

Will Dia learns about Brij’s cancer?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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