Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar Upcoming Story: Will Armaan be able to save Dia?


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Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar is presently grabbing the attention of the audiences. The serial is doing extremely well. These days, the storyline of the show is focusing on Dia and Armaan’s increasing attraction towards each other. Whereas, Sudha and Bhavna is trying hard to keep them away from one another. Amidst all the chaos will Armaan find out about his mother’s real intentions?

In the earlier episode, Palki keeps dreaming about Armaan and remembers their moments. She realises her increasing feelings for him and lost interest in everything, except for Armaan. She decides to have a conversation with him and connects a video call. She apologises for disturbing him, but he assures that he isn’t busy. He ask about Mathurs, to which she replies how everyone is praising him for tutoring them the exercises and tells that those are really affective.

Here, Palki also calls Dia who seems to be upset. She tries to avoid the call seeing Armaan being joined, but then unwillingly picks it up. She questions Palki about missing her live session, to which latter makes some excuses and then insists them to join her in the restaurant which she have to give review on.

Dia goes to the restaurant and finds Armaan. They both discuss about their work and finds many similar things about their habit. They feels interested in having conversations with each other and enjoys their time together.

Ahead, Armaan went to do some errands while Arjun enters inside the restaurant and sees Dia. Whereas, she also notices him and remember her flashback with him. He sits on her table and humiliates her for her skin-colour. He taunts her for not changing at all.

Dia tries to leave from his clutch, but he forces her to sit with him. He blames him for his problems and says that because of her emotional drama, he lost his promotion and reputation in his office. She gives a befitting reply to him and leaves from there, while he follows her.

Later, Arjun was about to slap Dia when Armaan saves her and protects from him. He gets concerned for Dia while she leaves from there and reaches her house, whereas Armaan followed her to ensure her safety. He then gets a call from Sudha and lies to her about being with his friends, but she catches him after seeing Dia mistakenly through his camera.

Now in the upcoming story, Dia will notify her family about the guy who matches all her expectations. She will apprise them about talking to Nimmi, who suggested her the alliance and she agrees to marry him. She will make her parents meet him, while the latter gets confused. Meanwhile, Armaan will also meet the guy and gets shocked learning about Dia’s choice. He will look at her with hurtful eyes, while she avoids making eye contact with him as she hides her feelings.

Will Armaan realises his love for Dia?
Will Armaan find about Sudha and Bhavna’s intentions?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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