Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Naira and Kartik fetches a plan to catch the molesters

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th February 2020 Upcoming Story, Written Updates on

Today’s episode begins with Kartik gets mad on inspector for not doing anything to capture the molesters. Inspector answers back to Kartik and say their job is tough too and immediately htye can not do anything. Kartik apologize . Here, Naira informs to Kartik when he entered the area with Luv and Kush, Tsiha got restless like she wanted to say something. She says she doesn’t doubt Luv Kush but possibly their buddy. Kartik asks Naira to not take much stress. Naira decides to meet Kairav.

Luv and Kush decides to throw Trisha’s phone somewhere else. Kairav spots Luv and Kush from the backyard. Luv sees Kairav and disturbs him stating phantom will consume him and his or her parents. Kairav gets scared and runs to Naira. He shares to her that phantom is there from the gareden so he won’t go outside. Naira shares with Kartik which Kaira is frighten. Kaira cheers up Kairav and he sleeps.

In the morning, Kairav informs to Goenak’s that Luv Kush told him about the ghost. Ahiklesh scolds Luv for scaring a child. Goenaks’s decide to visit the backyard to check out if any ghost is there. Kairav will not go outside but Kartik requires him. Gardener finds something from the area where Luv Kush concealed Trisha’s mobile. Naira sees it’s only the wishlist. Luv says they concealed wishes but do not know who advised Kairav about phantom. Sureakh gets happy with Luv Kush’s act.

Flip side, Kartik and Naira brings a plan to unveil the offender with the support of Trisha. Trisha’s health worsens and nurse asks Kartik and Naira not to give stress to Trisha. Naira thinks who’s the offender.

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