Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The Episode begins with Kartik stating I’ll walk soon. Naira states I also wish this. He says you’ve got to keep the hope. She says that I m hurt because you got hurt because of me. He asks why do you believe so. She says I did not concentrate on you. He states ask your heart, nothing will occur to me till you’re with me, I really don’t need to see sadness or guilt on your face.

Dhruv calls Kartik. He believes Kartik is not answering, I do not have Naira’s number, the way to contact them. Doctor says Kartik, you’re fine today, you can go home. Samarth asks Gayu to have meals and take care. Gayu says I’m hurt to hear Naira getting blamed, she’s supporting truth, nobody is thinking for Kartik and Naira.

Samarth asks her not to think of it. He consoles her. Naira comes to space. She sees Kartik. She inquires will I cut fruits for you. He nods.

He does not check the telephone. She cuts the veggies and moves the plate. She says I’m going out and will return soon. He asks who are you going to fulfill. She says nobody. He asks Javeri? What will you do, are you going to withdraw the case. She says no. He asks why are you going, Dadi told that you’re responsible for this, Surekha asked you to take good care of me, that is why. She asks how can you understand. He says I had been hearing it, I was not sleeping, I wished to know your response. He asks will you accept the blames.

Naira cries and says I can not see you like that. He says you are not accountable for this. He says perhaps, but I could have stopped this. Trisha looks on.

Naira says its all for me. Trisha goes and cries. Kartik says I told you, you are not accountable for my state, I’m prepared to fight, why do you care, we nearly won, why is it that you need to lose. Naksh and everybody come.

Naira says I can not see you in this condition, I’m going to withdraw the case. Everybody asks Naira is she sure to do this. Kartik says she did not consider anything. Naira says sorry Kartik, I can not hurt the family. Trisha recalls walks and everything on the street. Naksh and everybody stop Naira. They ask Naira to listen to Kartik.

Kartik follows on the wheelchair. Kairav looks on. Kartik attempts to get up. Trisha comes in front of a car and runs off.

Trisha comes to the police station. Kairav smiles and goes to hold Kartik. Kartik stands on his toes. Kairav says come on Papa, stand up. Naira runs and stops to Kartik. Trisha talks to the inspector. Naira hugs Kartik. Kartik says I can walk today, you do not have to go anywhere, you showed me right path before, its my turn today, we’ll fight together.

Trisha signs on the announcement. Naira says sorry, I’ve realized that I did wrong. Naira says sorry, I was losing without fighting. Kartik says assure me, you won’t do this again, we’ll win. Naira promises and says we’ll fight until we win.

Shivani comes shouting. They ask what happened. Naira reads Trisha’s announcement…. Everything was a lie, it was a play to teach them a lesson, I wish to take the case back, I m sorry. Naira cries. Goenkas see so many plants stored.

Samarth asks who got this. Javeri says I got it. Samarth asks why. Naira says we dropped the case. Kartik asks how. Trisha says I took this decision. Javeri says congrats, I told you none can fight me, Lav, Kush and Abhishek got free.

Trisha says I’ve withdrawn the case and criticism also. Everyone is shocked. Javeri says I was not believing this, but she took the case back. Naira asks why did you choose this. Trisha says sorry. Naira asks why. Kartik says you did not think of Naira. Trisha says I did so for Naira. Naira asks what. Kartik says she’d be scared. Trisha says I’m not scared of Javeri or case, I do not need troubles to come in your life.

Naira says you did wrong. Trisha says I can not hurt you all. Naira says justice is imp. Trisha says I will see the purchase price you’re paying for justice. Naira says we’re from ashram, we do not lose courage. Trisha says you’ve got a family and responsibility today. Bhabhimaa says they’re fighting each other. Javeri gets sweets. Akhilesh and everybody is happy.

Gayu thinks what’s Kartik and Naira going through. Samarth says our family will get together. Javeri says Manish should have double party. Naira says Trisha left this struggle for my own sake. Kartik says I can understand, its about a person’s life and respect, none can decide about it. Naira states people who did wrong would be observing now. Kartik and Naira console each other. He says Trisha lost due to us.

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