Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Goenkas Celebrate Sankranti


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The Episode Begins with Vansh Inquiring about Naira and Kairav. Kartik says that they won’t come, do not worry, you’ll have fun, I will speak to Kairav and say sorry. Vansh says nothing gets nice by saying sorry. Vedika thinks I need to struggle and win. Naira asks what happened. Kairav says I wish to visit dad. She asks him to go. He says you’ll be lonely then, Naksh is also not at home. She says its okay, you go. He says we aren’t together with dad. She says everything will be fine soon. He says I miss papa. She says its fine, make a video call . Vedika gives kites to everybody. Akhilesh and Surekha want Lav and Kush for their examinations and asks them to come home.

Kartik thinks of Naira. Vedika says I must create Dadi love me like before, I’m prepared to work hard. She chooses ladoos for Dadi. Dadi says I have tooth ache and can not eat this. Vedika says I know that you are ignoring me, why, what is wrong, I’m rectifying my error, I will be happy if you encourage me, I’m the Bahu of the household, not Naira, think about it. Dadi says I did not respect you an outsider, but anything you did, none would do it with enemy, game does not look good in relationships. Manish recalls Kartik. He says I got Kartik that afternoon, I want to give him joy, he’s overlooking Kairav, why can not Vedika understand this. Suwarna says Kartik desired Kairav here, Vedika might have predicted Kairav, if not Naira. Manish says Kartik will do anything to perform his duty. Samarth indicates a kite to Kartik and states I think its for you.

Kartik smiles. He sees the boy flying the kite. The kite will get cut and falls down. Kartik goes to get it. Vedika recalls Naira’s words and sees him. She predicts Pallavi and states I feel fearful, its impossible to eliminate Naira from their heads. Pallavi asks are you mad, she explained all that to frighten you, try to comprehend her plan, do not worry, keep trying until Kartik loves you, I’ve sent the evidence too far from them, none will know about it. Kairav flies the kites with lioness and frog decals on it. Naira also flies. Dil se bandhi….plays…. Vedika belongs to Kartik. Vansh says take me to Kairav, I miss him a lot, please take me . Samarth asks Gayu to create an excuse. Gayu says Vansh’s school friends have a gathering, so we’re taking Vansh there. They leave.

Vansh comes to Kairav and hugs. Gayu says Vansh was missing Kairav, so we got him . Naira says but everybody… Gayu says we had no pleasure there. Vansh says Kairav said you guys had great fun. Samarth says we miss you Naira. Samarth creates a video call to Akhilesh and Manish. He reveals Singhanias’ with fun. Akhilesh and Manish make excuses and leave. Dadi says I’ll go to temple and come. Everyone goes. Naksh checks the home and finds it locked. He asks the guy about the individual living there. The guy says that he left the house, I do not understand. Dadi and everybody come to Singhania house. Naira says Kartik would be with Vedika there. Dadi says I did not think of it. Naira says its fine. Dadi says I wish Kartik also comes there. Kartik gets a telephone. He says it was not Naira’s call. Vedika smiles.

Naksh tries to Learn about Umesh. Naira and Gayu dance. Dil bole….plays… Everyone dances. Kairav waits for Kartik. Naira sees a kite in the sky. She runs to view it. She sees somebody flying it. Tere hi saaye mein….plays… She yells. Kartik plays dhol and comes there. Everybody smiles and turns seeing him. Kairav states Papa…. Naira turns and sees Kartik. Kairav hugs Karik…They see Vedika. Vedika says all of us think alike, I understood Kairav misses Kartik, so I got Kartik here, this is known as family. Kairav says it is going to be fun. Naira thinks I understand why Vedika has arrived. Vedika believes you felt I’ll let Kartik come .