Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Naira gets adamant to punish Luv Kush

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th February 2020 Written Updates and Upcoming Story on

Today’s episode starts with Surekha and others ask Kush not to take such a drastic measure. They ask him to return. Surekha asks Naira if she’s happy now. She says if anything happen to his son than she will not spare any one. Kartik and Naira believes to speak with Kush. Luv reveals that it was his plan to trap KAIRA so that they don’t call authorities. He asks Kush to continue the drama.

Kairav and Vansh inquire Kartik and Naira what occurred. They ask if Luv Kush is getting beat. Kartik lies to the duos and goes to meet Luv Kush. Naira believes if Luv Kush deliberately planned the play and says they can’t stoop so low. Kartik try to convince Kush to not take such a dratich step. He somehow manages to save Kush. Later, Luv Kush apologizes. Kartik questions Kush from where he got to know such idea. And Surekha got angry on Naira and Kartik. She asks the duos to spare her sons.

Verbal debate happens between Naira and Surekha. Meawhile, when Police arrive and Goenka’s gets shocked believing Naira called police. Inspector tells he is here to take Trisha’s statement. He concerns Naira if Trisha told her anything about offender’s name. Niara stands speechless. Inspector insists to meet Trisha. Suhainsi ask him to stop and let them see if Trisha is awake or not. Surekha claims to Naira to conceal the matter here only because if this happened than combined with Luv Kush, Trisha’s life will be ruined too. Nurse claims to Naira that Trisha is calling her.

Inspector thinks to meet Trisha. He enquires Trisha about her molesters and Goenka’s worries. Luv Kush worries too. Nurse asks inspector not to give stress to Trisha. Episode ends with Samarth saying they will call him once Trisha is going to be alright.

Next week: Kartik claims to Naira until he’s alive Luv Kush won’t go to the jail. Later, Kartik sees police jeep and accuses Naira for taking such a radical step.

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