Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th November 2019 Upcoming Story: Kairav Forgives Kartik


The Episode begins with Naira requesting Vansh to start out the doorway, she must speak to Kairav. Vansh states Kairav is denying, he can get mad with me. He inquires Kairav will I open the doorway. Naira inquires Kairav can not hear him open the door. Vansh says that he got much unhappy. Naira says inform him that I will not become upset. Vansh says he’s hurt,” he explained daddy cheated. Naira states no, hear me, Kairav that your daddy is the very best, ” he loves you a great deal, he did so play for you personally, if another daddy came, he’d haven’t loved you jumped in swimming to rescue me, consider meeting in Goethe did a great deal for you he was able to stay alert at hospital to youhe proposed a fantastic birthday, even when you’d hurt him he did not become mad on you, when you trust me, then believe him he loves you a whole lot, its Diwali tomorrow, even should you keep mad, his Diwali will acquire depressed, make it joyful . Kairav gets gloomy.

Naksh, Bhabhimaa, and Devyaani come residence. Naksh states Naira requested Kartik to not perform this particular drama, Kairav was angry and … we shouldn’t lie. Devyaani states did Lord make Kartik and Naira fulfill, what is Kairav’s message, so I understand my kids cried for me personally, Manish longed for Kartik, I’m shedding belief. Naksh states I will fight with the entire world, not Lord, how will I finish Kairav’s hatred because of his daddy. Suwarna yells and says thanks Naira, you combined Kartik with me personally and Manish, you’re working to combine Kairav and Kartik now, I’m convinced their wall will crack shortly, Kartik is angry, I attempted to speak to him, however, he is not speaking, attempt to speak to him. Vansh says that your father loves you a great deal, he used to adore me before, my father does not like me, Kartik loves everybody, he’s the ideal.

Kartik yells and says you’re correct Naira, why do I hurt my loved ones constantly. Naira states no. Kartik states I used to damage my father, you then and currently Kairav, you requested me to not try it, I did not hear, I’m poor. She says. He states I’m quite poor, I hurt the people I really like the most. She says, calms down. He states Manish adored me a great deal, what would I really do, I loved you a great deal, I could never love somebody else, I’ve hurt you I broke his own album I took you to court for KairavI have hurt him. He gets mad on himself and strikes on the walls. He states Kairav hates me personally, it’s also advisable to despise me.

He stops him and says that I do not despise you, you are not so poor, please calm down, even in the event that you made a mistake, so I made more errors, you requested me and that I ran out, I understand that you chased yourself, ” I did not think about finishing your guilt, and I kept you apart from Kairav, ” I did not inform you you have come to be a father, I attempted to shoot Kairav off, and you can not forgive me, even Kairav believes you’re incorrect as he remained with me, even when he remained with you, he’d have known you, perhaps he’d despise mehe does not understand you were great constantly with everybody, with anyone who had been awful, such as me, I could not handle my union and kid, I’m wrong, it’s my error, I’m a mom, it had been my job to describe him that the difference between work and right, I must have punished, you’ve gone through a good deal, I could not become a fantastic wife and decent mum, you’re the very best father, Kairav is not understanding now, if he knows it tomorrow, he’ll understand you’re world’s greatest father, I’ve despised this, I’ll repair it today, everything will acquire nice.

He says that nothing will acquire nice. He yells. She keeps him. Yeh Rishta kya…. .plays… He resides in her lap. She yells. Kartik stays gloomy. He sees a few papers. Everybody is miserable. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani come residence. Naira comes. She appears for Kartik. Kartik reads happy Diwali. He rips the paper. Naira ceases him. She states that our Diwali did not find pleased, but we shouldn’t depart expect, Kairav isn’t a child, he’s got to observe the fact, we’ll show him he is incorrect, you adore him a great deal, we are not going to lose, we’ll convince him. They hear dhol noise. They move out to determine. The guys play dhol and dancing. Everybody looks on.

The guys receive a box. Kairav/Vansh comes packaged the present box in exactly the same manner Kartik arrived from the box. He despised on Munda kukui Kamaal da… Kartik proceeds on to unmask him. He opens the present. He has stunned viewing Vansh. Vansh asks do not you love me, I strove to make you happy. Kartik states all of us adore you, sorry, and thanks. Naira also maintains him. Vansh inquires where are you moving, Diwali did not find happy. Samarth says allow Kartik to go his disposition is mad. Akhilesh says, let it move. Vansh says you have older, Kartik’s Diwali is happy now because… The guys bring a happy Diwali kite bundle.

The lights make pink. The guys attract several rainbows and butterflies. The helper receives a cake. Naira remembers her words into Kairav. Kairav comes out and out. Yeh Rishta kya….plays… Everybody yearns. Kairav runs and hugs Kartik. Kartik cries thankfully. Kairav says happy Diwali. Kartik asks are you currently not annoyed with me personally. Kairav fixes his tears. He states I was angry, you’d hurt my mom, once you shielded her, I knew you adore her, and she said you’re the greatest father, Naksh explained elders fight occasionally like Vansh and that I struggle, I understand you and mom love each other much, sorry to call you wrong, I’m a poor boy, I’m sorry to hurt you. Kartik states no, you’re the very best, I’m sorry. He hugs Kairav. Kairav says you’re the world’s greatest Papa. Yeh rishta….plays… Everybody yearns.