Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The Episode begins with Surekha crying and moving. Naira says I also feel bad for Lav and Kush, I was fighting with myself combined with court battle. Kartik says I understand, when we told anything against Lav and Kush from the courtroom, we prayed they stay fine.

Naira says we acted strong and feared for them. Suwarna asks her not to cry and clarify anything, you don’t have to apologize. Manish says we will need to apologize, we’ve blamed you like always. Naira says do not say this, it occurs. Dadi says I wish they aren’t troubled there. Kartik says I’ll try my best. Manish says both of these constantly fulfill our expectations. Trisha says I’m going home, I’ll send your stuff.

Naira says she’s going back to ashram. She hugs Trisha and asks her to take care. Kartik retains Naira’s hand. Surekha cries seeing Lav and Kush’s pic. Akhilesh comes. He says we must compromise with the circumstance. She says I needed to send kids to hostel and then I jeopardized knowing that the affair, now the kids have gone to remand home, I can not stay here. He says I understand your emotions. She packs her bags to go.

Kairav and Vansh wear hair wigs such as Lav and Kush. Kartik and Naira ask Surekha to respect them as Lav and Kush till they return. Naira says sorry, we heard your talk. Kartik says sorry, you always called me your son and thought so, you’re always with me and raised me, you never allow me to feel that I m lonely, we’ll try our best that you do not feel this.

Naira states Lav and Kush are young, they have a very long life, we hope they get sensible. Kartik says they’ll get sensible and responsible. Kairav says we’re your Lav Kush. Naira states the other baby is coming. Kartik says you can scold, beat or punish us, do not leave the house. Kairav says I’ll plead for my brothers, do not go. Surekha retains her bag. She goes to the door and yells. Everybody gets her inside the house again. Vansh asks how to make them happy. Kairav says I’ve got an idea.

Naira says do not understand, what do we have in our destiny. Kartik says yes, we always clarify that its very last time, there are always new challenges in life. She says if we’re together, I’m not scared of anything, I m fearful that we may get separated. He says it can not happen now. Kairav calls them out. Everybody comes out and ask what happened. Kairav and Vansh shout happy holi. Kairav says we can attempt to create holi happy, Dadi said Lav and Kush will become good boys and come, we ought to be happy. Vansh says maybe they did not like our idea, sorry. Manish says we aren’t sad, Surekha…. Kairav and Vansh take colors and use to her face.

Surekha says sorry, your holi spoiled for me, the day is not over, we can observe thankfully. Manish says happy holi everything. Vansh and Kairav hug Kartik and Naira and want. Kartik says everything will be OK if we try a little. Everyone plays holi. Vansh says you’ve got to play holi game, hide and seek. Kartik agrees. Kartik hugs Naira. Rangein hai dono….plays… Everyone likes. Dadi says the home looks great when Kartik and Naira are at home. Suwarna says , its own right. Dadi blesses them. Kartik and Naira play. Everybody gets bored seeing their long game and leave. Kartik and Naira see everybody gone. They laugh.

Naira says I’ll change and come. He cried seeing her. She goes. Surekha comes to her room. She sees Kairav and Vansh. Kairav says we’ll sleep here. Vansh says but we will not wear this wig, it hurts a lot. Surekha hugs them and asks them to not wear wigs, just sleep. Akhilesh says everything will be OK. Samarth asks Gayu did not she take medication. She says I’ll take it today, I forgot about it. She takes medicines. He asks her to not be careless, he’s waiting for the baby, if anything happens, then… this should not happen again.

Kartik and Naira play holi and love. Saawre….plays…. Its dawn, they still remain in romantic mood. Everyone dines and await Kartik and Naira. Kartik says we constantly have to remain together, we have separated due to this case. Naira says we have together now, prepare today. The kids play. Everyone laughs. Gayu falls down the stairs.

Kartik and Naira see her rush. Samarth says my phone is still upstairs. Kartik says I will call Samarth. Gayu says no, do not call Samarth, she’s very excited for infant, if anything happens to baby, then he’ll feel I did so intentionally. Vansh says your telephone is ringing. Samarth goes back. Gayu says I want to go to doctor for check up. Kartik and Naira take Gayu. Kairav and Vansh come. Naira asks them to go and have pan cakes. Samarth says I’ll come along. Gayu worries.

Manish asks Samarth to form our customer’s problems. Kartik goes with Gayu and Naira. Gayu asks them to take her to closest hospital. Kartik says its only new city hospital. Naira recalls her infant. They send Gayu to the Physician. Kartik says Gayu is fearful because of Samarth. Naira says so much stress is not great for her. Gayu asks physician to tell if everything is fine. Kartik asks Naira to wait, he’ll go and finish formalities. Naira prays. She goes to the ward and recalls the past. She cries.

Gayu recalls Samarth’s words. Kartik sees Naira and recalls the past. Chote chote….plays… Kartik and Naira shout. Naira says I did not even know that I will become a mother. Kartik says Kairav is extremely unique but we had our first baby. She says if I get a wish fulfilled, I will request my baby back. He hugs her. He says I lifted her with these hands, I could still feel her signature, I wish I could get her back.

Naira says this should not occur with Gayu. Doctor comes and says Gayu and baby are fine, she’s sleeping now, she should not take stress. Naira says she’s my sister. Doctor says we’ve done a few tests, reports will come, take her home after some time. Naira says I feel suffocated here. She goes out. Kartik thinks of nurse and says Leela had given me my baby in my lap, I must meet her once. Naira sees a mother and baby. She says why did Lord get us , when life got ordinary with much trouble.

A woman calls out mumma and runs. Naira sees her visiting her mum. Nurses discuss Leela’s sick condition. Kartik asks what happened to her, where is she, can I meet her. The nurse says she does not work here, she had to leave the job due to her illness, she’s suffering from cancer. He inquires can I get her number or address, my wife and sister had been admitted here, Leela helped them a lot, if I could help. He comes out and sees Naira looking at a woman. She asks him to find that woman, their daughter could have been of her era. Kartik says , Kairav tadpole and she would have been my little lioness, she would have finished our loved ones.

Naira cries and says think what could have happened if she had been with us, you’d seen her, whom did she resemble. He states like my Naira, she was really beautiful. He says I did not want to return to his hospital. She says its great, at least we could shout. He hugs her and yells.

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