Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st January 2020 Upcoming Story: Vedika Compels Kartik


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st January 2020 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Kartik thanking Vedika and hugging her. He requests Naira to listen, Vedika is prepared to give her kidney. He states come fast, we must go and meet the physician. Vedika says I will give my kidney, but promise me, you’ll never leave me , sorry, I can not live without you, I adore you Kartik, I will give anything to Naira, but not my husband. Kartik gets shocked.

Kairav asks will we ask someone about the way., Vansh says no, they’ll know we’re missing and kidnap us. Kairav says I can not roam in this way. Staff looks for the children and think to call madam. Everyone believes will Vedika agree. Dadi says she will agree, but will make her desire accepted too. Manish asks her to not think so. Nurse calls physician and says patient’s heart rate is reduced, come and check her.

Vedika says think again Kartik, I don’t have any one, Naira has her loved ones, I will give my life for you, I may seem greedy, but its alright, its very first time that I’m asking for something for my own, I won’t return. Kairav and Vansh get tired. They visit Bhabhimaa’s car. Vansh asks what are they doing in the hospital. Kairav says I hate it, I will not come. Vansh says I will not go alone. Vedika says we’ve got less time, just say yes, Naira and my happiness can return. Nurse tells the woman to take her son out, children are not allowed. Kairav and Vansh hide and think what to do.

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Gayu asks what, are you certain that he was Vansh. The woman says , Vansh is having a child here, I thought to inform you. Everybody worries and operate to stop Kairav. Kairav says we’ll call mum and dad. Vansh says great idea. Vedika says if not for us, at least for Kairav…. Kartik says do not get him in between, I knew you now. Kairav sees Naira and yells mumma…. Kartik gets shocked seeing the children.

Kartik belongs to Kairav and hugs. Kairav asks what happened to mumma. Kartik says nothing, she’s fine, I swear, she was hurt, she fell down, I received her here, she’ll be OK, then your mum and dad’s marriage will happen, I promise. Kairav says assure me, you won’t let anything happen to her. Kartik recalls Vedika’s words and hugs Kairav. He promises.

He states your mum will be OK, you’re a brave boy. Vedika cries. Suwarna asks how did the children come here. Everyone looks for children. Kairav asks are you lying, will mommy get nice, tell me. Kartik thinks of Naira. Chukar gai….plays…. Kairav shakes him up and asks him to state will mommy get fine.

Kartik hugs him and cries. He states Vedika, I accept anything you mentioned, but it is going to just be between us, none should know, once Naira gets nice, we’ll tell everyone. Vedika happily cries. Manish and everybody come and watch Kairav with Kartik. Bhabhimaa and Dadi pray.

Surekha says do not know Vedika consented or not. Samarth says we’ll take children home. Kairav says no. Manish says they do not allow kids here. Samarth asks Kairav to go home and pray to Lord. The kids go. Naksh states Vedika will save Naira’s life.

Vedika says only pray that Naira’s body takes my kidney. Suwarna thanks her for the major sacrifice. Bhabhimaa says frees you for donating your body organ with no selfish motive. Devyaani says yes, thank you very much. Bhabhimaa hugs Vedika. Pallavi comes and says everything is ready, you need to come with me, time is less. Suwarna says treat Vedika. Pallavi says she’s imp to me, do not worry. Manish thanks them.

Pallavi says you’re Vedika’s family, I’m just doing my duty. Vedika goes. Bhabhimaa prays. Dadi asks where’s Kartik. Manish says he’s with Naira. Kartik cries and says that I need to pay a large price, but its nothing facing your life.