Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Javeri tricks Naira and Goenka’s both

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th February 2020 Written Update and Upcoming Story on

Today’s episode begins with Naira practicing what she will go and speak with Javeri. She feels nervous. Naira matches Javeri and Javeri cracks sarcastic jokes and Naira stands perplexed. Javeri says that he knows all of the facts about Luv Kush’s situation and says to Naira he will meet her in the court.

Afterwards, Javeri reaches Goenka home and says he’ll fight their situation and win will also. There, Naira informs to Trisha the attorney she’s hired is well experienced and she’ll get justice surely. Here, Javeri says that he will anyway figure out how to get Luv Kush out from the jail.

In the morning, Naira, Naksh and Trisha reach court. Goenak’s too reaches the courtroom at exactly the exact same time. A brand new show Annupama first appearance is encouraged.

Ahead, Trisha coughs and Kartik assists her by giving her water. He asks Trisha to look after each other; Goenka’s makes faces visiting Kartik. Luv Kush comes and Surekha feeds them food. Inspector asks her to not waste time. Surekha says if anything happens to Luv Kush she won’t leave anyone. Manish asks Surekha to unwind as nothing will occur to Luv Kush.

Nair and Goenak’s both waits for Javeri. Both believes Javeri is fighting by their side. He walks straight to the court. Naksh doubts and ask Naira he seems different. Goenaks’s too believes exactly the same and Manish says perhaps he’s thinking about the situation thus did not stopped seeing them.


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