Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Kartik and Naira’s wedding gets done!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th January 2020 upcoming story on

Today’s episode begins with other boy calls Suhasini aunty. Goenka’s gets confused. They get shocked seeing someone else as groom in place of Kartik. They ask the boy to tell where’s Kartik. Naira also asks him to tell where Kartik is. Boy tells them exactly what all happened at the store. Then he takes the blessing from the family and proceeds to attend his union. Naira and others worries for Kartik. And Kartik eventually reaches to the temple.

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Afterwards, Kartik and Naira waits for Luv and Khush. Luv and Khush ride the bicycle in speed and win the race. On the street, Luv and Khush see the woman and for the experience trouble the girl. The Girl somehow manages to escape from Luv’s snare. Khush informs Naira they are on the way and will reach on the moment.

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Kartik and Naira waits for Luv and khush. Suhasini asks Kartik and Naira to start the ritual and then wait for Luv and Khush. Kaira agrees with Suhasini. Kartik and Niara exchange the gar;and. The duo bonds with Kairav also and kiss him. Meanwhile, Luv and Khush enter the temple.

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Vansh sees all gets happy seeing the duo.

Luv and Khush meet everyone. Suhasini asks Kartik and Naira to finish the wedding initially and do other thing after. Priest calls someone from Naira’s household to do the ritual. Kairav says he’ll perform the rituals. Ahead, Kairav reads the wedding vows and Kartik and Naira perform the wedding rounds.

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