Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Vedika’s Sly Act


The Episode begins with Dadi saying we’ll visit Singhania Sadan and pick up Vedika, nothing should go wrong now. Naksh asks will I wake her up. They see Vedika sleeping. Naira says no, there’s still time, I feel so odd about it. They go. Vedika opens eyes and says Naira is proper. Dadi inquires Kartik where are you. Gayu and Vansh come. Surekha asks are you going there. Gayu says , I’m on bride’s side.

Samarth says I m Vansh’s side. Vansh gets happy. Gayu smiles. Kartik gets ready. Samarth and Akhilesh joke. Dadi says when I hit the courtroom, I will call you, just pray that everything becomes nice, begin haldi preparations, we’ll do Kartik’s haldi and send it to Naira. She receives a sprain in foot. She falls on the couch. They ask her not to go. She says I must go, its imp. Manish states take rest. Kartik says I m needed here. Dadi says fine, Kartik recall its your marriage these days, it is going to occur when you get divorced from Vedika. Kartik asks her not to worry. He leaves.

Bhabhimaa and Devyaani pamper Naira. Naira recalls her union with Kartik. Kairav says I have observed mum and dad’s video, you’d done humorous dance in it. Naksh laughs. Kartik includes Gayu and Vansh. Naira believes I m in nightsuit and he’s come. Kartik greets everyone. Kairav asks why did you come early. Kartik claims to meet you , you look lovely. Devyaani states Gayu you did great to come early. Gayu asks her not to be worried about work. Kartik thinks of Naira. Naira says he looks adorable, when I’m looking bad. Gayu asks where’s Vedika, she’s to proceed with Kartik, they have work at work. Kairav asks even now on union day. Gayu says yes. Bhabhimaa says go and wake up Vedika. Kartik asks them not to worry.

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Bhabhimaa says few things ought to be on time. Vedika sees the moment. She behaves to be sleeping. Gayu wakes her up and asks her to go with Kartik. Vedika thinks I can not do so, else it’ll be wrong. Kartik believes where are you Naira. Naira is still hiding. Kartik prays. He sees Naira hiding. He belongs to her. He asks why are you playing hide and seek. She says look at yourself and look at me. He says yes. She says you think you’re handsome and I’m ugly, right. He says what happened to you, you’re mistaken, I meant you’re far better than me. She asks why, do not dare to say anything about my Kartik. He says do not joke about my Naira. She smiles. They joke and hug. She says we did not know this day will come. He says yes, but it’s arrived. She says I can not wait more. He says I’ll get free of all of the bonds that is stopping me. They hug. Yeh rishta kya….plays…

They go to everybody. Devyaani asks Naira to prepare. Naksh asks why is Vedika taking much time, Dadi is calling over and over. Kartik says nothing to worry, we’ll reach on time. He sees Naira and does haye… Dadi worries seeing the moment. Samarth and Akhilesh treat her. Manish says Kartik was leaving today. Suwarna says you lied to her. He says yes, she’s worried, I m tensed. Dadi smiles seeing mangalsutra for Naira. Vansh informs Kairav about haldi. Vansh says its joyful day, but everybody is sad. Kartik says no, everyone is just busy. Vedika comes downstairs. She says I’m sorry for not waking up early. Kartik says sorry Vedika. Naira hugs Vedika. Naksh says we can not manage to get late, its imp to take this paper now. Vedika says yes, I’ve kept it. Kairav wants her all the very best. He says complete your work and come quickly, we’ll dance in mum and dad’s marriage, then we’ll get you married also. Gayu says do not say this. Kairav asks why, we’ll create Samarth and Gayu marry too. Kartik and Vedika leave.

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Dadi grinds the haldi. She enjoys the kalgi and sherwani for Kartik. She asks them to prepare. Manish says they’re leaving. Kartik and Naira sit in the car. Vedika imagines Pallavi. Pallavi asks her to not feel guilty, assure she will not return. Kartik says car is not starting. Vedika sees Pallavi. Kartik says eventually, car began. Vedika drops the papers from the vehicle. They leave. Devyaani asks Naira to prepare for puja. Naira says no, after Kartik calls, then we shall do this. Gayu says you’re doubting your fate. Naira says no. Gayu says lets celebrate today, everything will be OK. They go. Naira goes upstairs and stops. She sees that the wind blowing. She says it sounds some storm is coming. Kairav asks her to close the door. She goes to close the door. The newspaper flies over her face. She checks it and recalls Naksh’s words.