Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 26th April 2021 Written Update : Will Naksh understand Kartik?


Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 26th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Naksh saying to Kartik that his love for Naira was all fake. He walks off and on his way while going he steps on Sirat’s designer dupatta. Maudi sees it and worries. Kirti goes to check with Naksh. Rhea smiles thinking, Naksh has double relation with this family and his wishes will be considered.

Akhilesh hugs Kartik and helps him calm down. Maudi comes and hugs Sirat. Naksh is going angrily and he tells Kirti to back off as even she has cheated him as she knew it but never told him. Naksh sits in the hallway and is devasted.

Kartik comes there with cold drinks. Naksh throws both the cold drinks. Kartik says I know you are a brother in law to me and Naira was the common link but I thought we also had a friendship of our own and I want to make my friend understand Naira can never vanish or be replaced. Kartik says I have spent my life with Naira then how can I forget her.

Kartik says no one who loves Naira is able to live their lives anymore, but I am because of ky kids, because Naira gave me kasam before she died that I will always think and live for my kids without showinh them my sad face. Naksh says this is a nice way to put everything on Naira, which wife would want herself to be replaced? Kartik says you are right no wife says that but a mother is selfless and thinks about her kids first, Naira also thought about her kids who would need a support system.

Kartik says Sirat is not my choice it’s my kids’ and Kairav was ill and he got better because Sirat was near and now Kairav wants her in his life, I held Sirat’s hand just for my kids sake but my heart is and will always beat for Naira till my end. Kartik says maybe I am not a good friend, brother in law or anything but I want to become a good father and a good parent to my kids, sorry that I feel like that. Naksh walks off.

Kirti consoles Kartik saying Naksh has just returned from rehab, losing so many people in his life Naksh is very vulenerable and not everyone is strong like you to handle such big loss. Kartik says even I am not, the day I lost Naira I wanted to go away too. Kirti says you shouldn’t think like that, you have to stay alive for your kids and infact live your life for your kids. Kartik requests Kirti to talk to Naksh and try to convince him as it’s important for him to come out of this and understand things. Kirti says I will. She goes.

Here, in the room, Maudi and Sirat are sitting. Mausi says Sirat it isn’t your fault. Sirat says it is not even Naksh’s fault as he is just a caring brother to his sister Naira, I feel bad for him that he is struggling so much and is unable to accept the loss. Kartik comes and thanks Sirat to understand Naksh so nicely. He takes the dupatta from Maudi’s hands and makes Sirat wear it.

Maudi asks there will be no problem in the marriage due to all this? Kartik says no one can create problem, so don’t worry. Kartik tells Sirat to think of this as a practice session outside the ring for the final boxing competition and you need to focus just about the ring and what happens inside of it, don’t worry about what’s happening outside. Sirat thinks Kartik so nice, he is hiding his pain and still caring for others. Maudi prays to god that nothinh bad should happen in this marriage now.

Suvarna and Manish are in their room. Manish is all ready for a morning walk. Suvarna tells him that he should have talked to Naksh. Manish says What should I say when I am helpless. Suvarna says everyone has moved on in their own way after Naira’s death but it’s Naksh who is still struggling so as an elderly you should help him and talk to him. Manish says I guess you are right, I should, I will talk to him.

Someone knocks on the door. Suvarna asks them to come in. It’s Sirat. Sirat says sorry I thought only you would be there. Suvarna says no issues, you tell me, you want something? Sirat says yes, I wanted Kairav’s eye drops. Manish tells Suvarna to go and put the medicine as Sirat is not his mother. Sirat says I am not his mother but I am not stupid to put the eye drops in nose. Sirat looks at Manish. Suddenly Siray comes close and slaps Manish.

Manish is shocked and angry. Sirat says sorry but there was this deadly insect and in the process of making it go this happened. Sirat says this is an open area so you should try neem oil it keeps insects away with it’s good smell. Suvarna asks Sirat good smell or bad? Sirat says I was taught when something is benefitting you it’s never bad. Sirat goes. Rhea was listening all this.

Later, Kairav says not to put eye drops. Kartik gives up but Sirat beautifully makes Kairav agree. Manish watches it. Rhea fears that Manish might get convinced for Sirat. Rhea goes to Manish and says we need to do something as we know Sirat is hiding her past and someone who hides things are fraud only, you need to do something to save your son. Manish says lets see. Rhea worries seeing so casual attitude of Manish.

Here the kids play around the climbers and by mistake they tie Kartik and Sirat with the climbers. Karitk and Sirat spend little cute moments together. Sirat tells Kartik how every problem should be dealt with patience only then they are solved quickly. Kartik tells Sirat he is going for a meeting in a hotel. Sirat says can I come there as there is a boxing practice going on there. Kartik says okay come.

Here, Ranveer is in the same hotel as he found about the boxing thing. Ranveer sees a girl behind the curtains talking to a guy and Ranveer thinks it’s Sirat. He hits the guy with a glass bottle on his head. He then sees it’s not Sirat so he apologises. He walks away thinking where can Sirat be.

Episode ends.

Precap: Kartik sees Ranveer and his hand wounded so he brings him to his own room. Receptionist is seen by Sirat and Kairav talking about sending medical help in Kartik’s room for his injured friend. Kairav and Sirat decide to go to Kartik’s room. There is a knock on the door of Kartik and the person enters. Ranveer looks on.

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