Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 27th April 2021 Written Update: Ranveer and Sirat to come fave to face?


Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 27th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kartik seeing Ranveer and seeing his wound. Kartik says this is a deep wound, how did this happen? Ranveer says it’s a small wound. Kartik says I live nearby come with me as you need medical attention. Ranveer says I have work. Kartik says work will go on, it’s good that my meeting got cancelled. Ranveer agrees and goes with Kartik.

Suvarna says Sirat it’s good I stopped you as you need to see your ring. Sirat says I can’t understand, you guys decide or ask Kartik. Suvarna says Kartik selected the bride now you select. Sirat sees the rings and thinks of Ranveer proposing her. Rhea says you are shocked na seeing so many rings. Sirat says yes because I focused on different ring, I have no soft corner for these kind of rings. Rhea thinks this girl has got more confidence but I will find about her ex and teach her a lesson.

Here, in car, Kartik and Ranveer introduce themselves. Ranveer says you are Kartik Goenka? You ordered gloves one day which I brought. Kartik says you brought? Ranveer says yes the order came to us and then on Ghangaur ghat also. Kartik says we must have a strong connection that’s why we meet so many times. They laugh. Here, Sirat is unable to decide so the kids helo her by asking her series of questions and eliminating the type of rings Sirat doesn’t like. They find a perfect one, Sirat says wow from next time when I have so many options I will follow this method only and eliminate what I don’t want. Sirat asks will Kartik like it? Suvarna says you only go and ask.

Sirat says this is an expensive thing so you ask. Suvarna says after marriage you will have to handle na. Sirat goea with Kairav to show the ring to Kartik. Sirat and Kairav hear the receptionist talk how first aid kit is required in Kartik’s room for his friend. Kairav says let’s go and see. Sirat says ring is not important, I don’t want to go infront of anyone. Kairav say but what if he needs help.

Sirat and Kairav go to Karitk’s room. But Sirat gets a call from coach so she is in the hallway. Kairav goes inside the room. He sees the wound of Ranveer and goes to bring first aid kit. Kartik says he is my son from my first wife, she is no more.

Ranveer says sorry. Kairav and Kartik do dressing of the wound together. Ranveer and Kairav vibe. Ranveer decides to take Kairav on a bike ride. Ranveer takes a call and Kairav shows the ring Sirat selected to Kartik. Kartik says he likes it. Ranveer says it’s beautiful. Ranveer thinks Sirat would have loved a ring like this. Kartik packs the pain killers for Ranveer. By mistake the ring is put in the paper bag. Kartik tells Ranveer to go to the doctors on the way as he took appointment for Ranveer. Ranveer says to Kartik it’s our third meet but we feel so connected.

Kartik says in our family we believe every relation is made from above. They smile. Kartik takes Ranveer to make him meet Sirat but Sirat by mistake got inside another room. Karitk says I don’t know where is she? Ranveer says no issues we can always meet next time. Ranveer takes a leave. Sirat realises she is in the wrong room.

By the time Sirat comes, Ranveer leaves. Sirat says how is your friend now? Kartik says but how do you know? Sirat says I heard in the reception. Kartik says he is better and went to the doctor. Kartik gives the ring box to Sirat saying he liked the ring. Sirat says only like? Kartik says I loved the ring. Rhea listens to it from far. Sirat sees Rhea and pretends to be close with Kartik and tries to be romantic with Kartik. Kartik is confused. Sirat asks Kartik to sing their engagement and Kartik agrees, irritating Rhea. Sirat also leaves, Kartik stands there confused.

Kartik goes to Suvarna to give the ring to her. Suvarna says did you like it? Kartik says yes. Suvarna says but not more than the girl. Suvarna says it’s good karma only why we got a nice girl even in second time. Suvarna says sorry. Kartik says whenever I question this decision, I think of you and papa that helps me stay firm. Suvarna says I hope your and Sirat’s relationship is stronger than this. They both see Maudi enjoying the cart ride. Kartik asks but why is she going out? Suvarna says for your ring. Kartik says but. Suvarna says I know I told her to select from the rings I got for Sirat but she said as per the rasam she should be going and buying it. Kartik says but she won’t be able to afford. Suvarna says I told her to keep it light and simple.

Suvarna says they are my relations too. Kartik says I wish everyone thought like you. Suvarna says everyone does it’s just Naksh and Manish who need time. Kartik asks if Naksh is still here? Suvarna says they stopped him here but now they need to convince him. Suvarna says I wish they could see Sirat looks like Naira and has a heart like her too. Suvarna says Kirti and Naksh need to spend time with Sirat. Kartik agrees.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ranveer comes to the resort and ask the receptionist for Kartik Goenka. The receptionist tell him to go to the engagement venue. Here, Kartik and Sirat dance. There, Ranveer is stopped by Rhea saying you are Ranveer, Sirat’s ex? Ranveer gets surprised.

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