Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 27th February : JHAVERI GETS STUNNED BY KARTHIK AND NAIRA’S MOVE


Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 27th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Karthik and Naira stealing Luv and Kush’s phone and extends to Ksirav’s room. Naira gets emotional seeing Kairav who is sleeping but leaves instantly. Karthik and Naira comes back home only to find Badi Maa catching on them. She scolds them for sneaking into the home by going against the family. She is totally against Karthik and Naira but leaves shortly.

Naksh asks if they have any evidence and they said they will need to retrieve it. Next day Kairav wakes up and finds his toys. He has wonders if Karthik and Naira arrived there but shortly recalls them attracting police and becoming fearful. Naksh shows paper to Karthik and Naira that has Luv Kush’s news published on it. They are positive it will produce a large tension in the home tor sure.

As expected everyone becomes furious reading the information as they’ve become a laughing stock in their circle. Jhaveri claims that unless and until the case comes to an end they can not do anything about it. He suggests to repay it from the court to stop additional insults. Karthik’s dad calls Naksh and asks them to come for settlement outside the court.

Karthik and Naira denies going there but Badi Maa compels them to go as its a matter of household. They agrees to go for the sake of the elders. They decides to provide the phones in the store to recover deleted files on their way into the house. Daadi asks about Kairav who is not prepared to go to college as he misses Naira and she feels bad for him. Karthik and Naira comes there and Jhaveri waits for his helper. Shivani comes there and he scolds her for being late. She goes and sits with Karthik and Naira and shows that she’s their attorney. She says that she’s signed the resignation.

Jhaveri yells at them that they believe that they can defeat him . Naira claims that as instructor is so good is pupil. Shekhar says that if they do not wish to undermine then why did they come there. Karthik says that it is for their words. He states that their struggle is their way rather than them.

Karthik and Naira leaves Shivani but Jhaveri stops them. She warns Shivani it is going to be her first and last case but Shivani reveals confidence. He taunts Karthik and Naira for attempting to send their own family kids to jail. They leave. Shivani states they had their first success by making them feel that they’ll win the case. She asks them to recover information shortly and leaves as she wants to do lots of trainings.

Karthik and Naira invites the tech home as Shivani cautioned them that the telephone can be stolen or damaged if they move out. Jhaveri is sure that they have some good proof and Luv Kush states their telephones are missing. He is sure Karthik and Naira took it. The retrieving gets finished.