Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th April 2021 Written Update: Will Manish support Kartik?


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Suvarna tells Akhilesh how in Kartik and Naira’s wedding, me and Manish were just baratis but this time I want us to become Kartik’s parents. Here, seeing no response from Manish. Kartik goes from there. At night, Sirat and Kartik both are running. Kartik remembers how Manish didn’t accept his request. Here, Sirat thinks why did Maudi prepone the engagement. At a point both Kartik and Sirat meet each other. Sirat says are you also feeling different and anxious? Sirat asks this feeling will get over na? Kartik says I don’t know. Sirat says we did everything after deciding about it all so much then why? Kartik says you go ans sleep Sirat. Kartik goes.

Next morning, Maudi does puja of a tree. Everyone watches and Kartik and Sirat perform the rituals. Maudi asks Suvarna to keep chunri on her head and hit the coconut on ground. Sirat jokes and Surekha asks Sirat to say things after thinking. Then the ritual starts. Surekha asks the importance of this ritual. Maudi says a married woman is blessing a to be married woman. Just then a piegon does his shit on Sirat’s head. Sirat screams on the pigeon. Maudi says this is also a good omen. Sirat says now I will go and wash this. Kartik asks Sirat to wash well. He laughs. Sirat says I won’t. They all laugh.

Suvarna goes to help her. Here, Rhea talks on call with someone saying I paid uou so much so give me right information about Ranveer or else your career is over. Rhea suddenly sees Manish standing in front.

Rhea cuts the call and stammers and says it was Sheela. Rhea says how this family feels so much like home so I am thinking about the family only. Manish says you tried, I also tried but now I have accepted it that like I am thinking about my son, he is thinking about his son, so I will pray to god for Kartik’s better life rather than standing against his decision. Manish leaves. Rhea thinks in short he doesn’t have strength to stand up and say things to Kartik but I do, I will not let this marriage happen.

Here, Kairav sits sadly, Vansh comes to him asking him what happened? Kairav says I want to give a gift to Sirat and papa. Vansh says make a card. Kairav says I want to give something special. Vanshs says you have money in piggy bank? Kairav says money I can take from dadi also. Vansh says you want to do skit or dance? Kairav says don’t know. Vansh says I have an idea, close your eyes and think about all the gifts you have seen people give each other. Kairav says I got a superb idea. Here, Kartik remembers his engagement with Naira. Then he sees Naira calling him near her. Kartik is happy seeing her. He tries to touch her. Then he is about to hug her but she vanishes.

Kartik thinks where are you Naira? Kartik thinks why did Naira come after so many days? What do you want to tell me? You are with me or you are here to stop me? Kartik sees his sherwani. He thinks this ring and sherwani what are you telling me Naira? Kartik thinks I shouldn’t do the engagement, I can’t cheat Naira. Kartik goes.

Here, Sirat washed her head. She asks Suvarna to smell properly and say if the smell is still there. Suvarna pretends like the smell is there. Sirat worries. Suvarna says the smell is of shampoo the good smell. Sirat smiles. Suvarna says how can I let my Sirat be embarrassed. Sirat hugs Suvarna and tells her how she misses her mother but she is not worth missing.

Suvarna calms him. Here, Kartik sits and asks for help from Naira. Kirti sees him and goes to him and asks what happened? Karitk says after so many days I saw Naira, I think she came here to tell me something like not to do the engagement, Naksh was right, I can’t do the engagement. Gayu hears it. Kartik goes from there.

Later, Gayu comes to Naksh and says what did you do, because of you Kartik is saying no to engagement, if this happens then Kairav will breakdown. She says how Kartik feels he is doing wrong, what will happen? Naksh says I did right and saved Kartik from doing wrong, that girl is not Naira. Gayu says I know that girl is Sirat and not Naira. Naksh is silent. Here, Suvarna makes Sirat ready. Kairav comes there and praises Sirat. Kairav says I want to click a pic of yours.

Here, Kartik tells Kirti that tell everyone I won’t do this engagement. There, Gayu says I fought many times with myself, that Sirat is not Naira but then when I realised the truth I saw everyone happy and have a small corner in our hearts. Gayu says no one can forgive Naira special Kartik, he knows he can never accept anyone other than Naira. Gayi says is it right if we forget to live just because Naira is not here? Would Naira want this? Please give her a chance. In the room, Sirat sees Naira’s pic, she talks to Naira saying I can never become you, you really inspire me, Kartik told me to just focus on Kairav and Akshu and he will handle the rest.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ranveer comes to resort. Everyone dances. Rhea spots Ranveer and confronts him.

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