Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th March 2021 Written Update: Sirat receives a shocking news


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th March 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Suhasini. She thanks Sirat for rescuing Kairav. Manish says thank you to Sirat too. Kairav goes to Sirat. He thanks her. Sirat says to Kairav that she didn’t saved him. She rescued him for her sake as if she would have failed than she would have harmed herself too. Kairav ask Sirat if her hand is paining. Sirat says a little but Kartik says it is for short term. Kartik applies ointment on Sirat’s hand. Ahead, Riya tell to her mother on call that Sirat always take a limelight. She says Goenka’s always end up impressing Sirat. Manish comes from behind. Riya gets scared. Mainsh put off his ear phones. He says to Sirat that he was talking with his father and if he would have known would have given call to her too. Riya says to Mainsh it is fine. Manish apologize to Riya and says he would have done engagement ceremony but accident happened. Riya says to Mainsh no problem as nothing matters more than a family. Manish says to Riya that she is very understanding.

Further, Kairav pray to God. He ask God to always protect Sirat as he see Naira in her. Kartik come from behind and hugs Kairav. Sirat come. Kartik and Kairav ask Sirat to take a rest. Sirat says she is here to light a lamp on Mauri’s order. Luv Kush comes running. They inform Kartik that inspector is here to arrest Sirat. Sirat, Kartik and Goenka’s stand shocked. Inspector tell to Goenka’s that Dev made an FIR against Sirat quoting that latter tried to harm him. Sirat refuse to go to jail. Kartik reveals to inspector that Dev tried to harass Sirat. Inspector says to Kartik that he might be saying right but as per FIR he need to arrest Sirat. Sirat defends herself. Lady inspector ask Sirat to come along and don’t force her. Sirat says that she didn’t did anything wrong. Mauri gets upset with Sirat and Kartik for hiding truth from her.

Inspector gets adamant to arrest Sirat. Kartik ask Sirat to arrest him as he beat Dev to the blue. He says he now regret for not killing him. Mainsh ask Kartik not to lose his brain. He ask to stop doing more for others. Kartik says to Mainsh that nothing will happen to him because he is with him. Akhilesh makes a call to commissioner and stops Kartik and Sirat’s arrest. Mauri goes missing. Kartik and Sirat looks for Mauri. Mauri cries and worry for Sirat. Kartik pacify Mauri. Sirat find Mauri and hugs her too.

Other side, Mainsh gets adamant to get Riya and Kartik hitched. Suhasini tries to speak to Mainsh about Sirat but stops in the mid. Mainsh decide not to let Sirat inside the house. There, Sirat ask Kartik to make him meet Kairva. Kartik ask Sirat either come inside to meet Kairav or don’t meet him. Sirat goes inside the house. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kartik gets ready to marry Sirat. Mainsh stands shocked.