Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd April 2021 Written Update: Mauri asks Kartik to marry Sirat


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd April 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Kairav hugging Sirat. Sirat asks Kairav if he is fine. Kairav doesn’t reply to Sirat. Sirat asks Suhasini if anything happen. Suhasini says Kairav was just missing her. Sirat says Kairav is her best buddy and loves spending time together. She asks Suhasini if she can take Kairav with her to eat kulfi. Suhaisni allows. After Sirat and Kairav leave, Suhasini asks Mauri for their children sake they have to plan something.

Here, Kairav and Sirat walks on the road. Sirat think Kairav might be thinking about her. She decides to cheer him up. Sirat asks Kairav if he wants to see boxing match on mobile. Kairav hugs Sirat and demands her to stay with him forever. There, Suhasini and Mauri plots to bring Sirat and Kartik together. Both looks for a way to talk with Sirat and Kartik about their wedding.

Kairav asks Sirat why she can’t stay with him. Sirat tries to make Kairav understand she can’t stay with him. Kairav says he will daily pray to God so that he don’t snatch her from him. Sirat stands stunned. Meanwhile, Suhasini and Mauri decides to do acting in front of Sirat and Kartik so that both doesn’t get a chance to say no. Sirat returns back with Kairav. Suhasini and Mauri think Sirat heard everything. Sirat doesn’t react. Suhasini decode Sirat didn’t heard anything. Kairav demands Sirat if he can sleep with her. Sirat allows.

Kairav asks Sirat to make him sleep by singing lullaby. Sirat says she doesn’t know lullaby. Kairav asks Sirat to try. Sirat sings for Kairav. Suhasini and Mauri gets happy seeing Kairav and Sirat together. Ahead, Suhasini goes to Kartik. She talks with sleeping Kartik and says her way of convincing him might be wrong but her intentions are right. There, Mauri prays to God to give her strength for doing drama. She adds Kartik and Sirat’s togetherness will bring happiness in everyone’s life.

In the morning, Kartik recalls his moment with Sirat. He thinks Kairav slept with Sirat last night. Kartik decides to bring Kairav. He goes to check Kairav. Kartik see Sirat and Kairav together. He clicks their picture. Mauri come and Kartik asks her to wake up Kairav. Mauri asks Sirat to wake up. Sirat asks Mauri to keep her gloves inside as it is raining. Kartik asks Mauri if Sirat dreams of boxing even in sleep. Mauri says to Kartik that Sirat is crazy.

Ahead, Kartik falls on Sirat. Both shares an eye-lock. Kartik asks Sirat to wake up Kairav as he has to go school. Kairav refuses to go to school. Vansh come and takes Kairav with him. Kartik see Sirat’s luggage and advise her to take care of her post leaving. Meanwhile, Suhasini signal Mauri to faint. Mauri does an acting of getting a heart attack. Sirat and Kartik worries. Mauri asks Kartik to marry Sirat as post she will die there is no one who can take care of Sirat. Sirat and Kartik sits shocked. Suhasini gets happy. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Suhasini asks Sirat to agree for marriage. Kartik asks Sirat not to take any decision under pressure. Sirat sits confused.

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