Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2020 Upcoming Story: Kartik Prays For Naira


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2020 Upcoming Story on

The Episode starts with Kartik stating I’m paying a significant price to save your life. Teri meri…plays… He dreams Naira going away. He goes and hugs her. She disappears. Doctor wakes up Kartik and says we must take her to OT.

Kartik says Naira, I’m just of you, we are of each other, come back soon, I will wait for you. Vedika says I did not believe Kartik will agreehe consented to rescue Naira’s life, I do not feel good, but perhaps this was destined, I’m glad to save Naira’s life, where to sign the form, inform me. Pallavi says wait, I want to tell you something. Vedika is shocked.

Gayu and Samarth console Kairav. Vansh says you need to listen to me, stop crying, if you would like to help your mum, then inform Lord, ideal mumma. Gayu nods. Samarth and Gayu grin. Vansh says we will pray that Naira gets nice, Kartik and Naira get married, come.

They all pray. Naksh hugs Kartik. They visit Naira and Vedika taken to the OT. Kartik retains Naira’s hand. Vedika retains his hand.

He leaves Vedika’s hand and turns to Naira. Naira and Vedika are taken inside OT. Manish and everyone ask doctor to save Naira. Kartik prays for Naira and Vedika. Doctor asks Manish to register on the approval form for the kidney transplant operation.

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Manish asks him to rush to the surgery. Doctor says I need signatures of Naira’s family member and Vedika’s husband. Kartik asks for the newspaper. He says that I shall sign on both the newspapers. Doctor asks are you Vedika’s husband, how are you related to Naira. Kartik says family. He cries and signs. Everyone prays. Suwarna says when Naira gets nice, we’ll get them married.

Kartik states Naira and I won’t ever become Kaira. He cries. Pallavi says I never did this in my clinic. Kartik and everyone think of Naira and pray. Dilon ko bandha….plays… Naira’s operation continues. Pallavi comes and says performance went well, Vedika is out of danger, she’ll be conscious.

Everyone asks about Naira. Kartik asks is she fine. Pallavi says she is not conscious yet. Gayu asks Kairav to possess good. Kairav says we can speak to Kartik, I wish to inquire if mum is fine. Kairav makes the movie call and asks Kartik about Naira. Kartik says she’s fine, she’s resting, you can not speak to her now.

Kairav says tell her that I miss her, I’m a good baby and not bothering anyone, do not worry for me. Kartik says just pray that Naira comes home soon. Kairav says yes, we must finish your marriage too, then we’ll remain happy in your big home.

Kartik thinks of Vedika’s words. Nurse comes and says your spouse got aware as well as the other woman who met with an accident. Kartik comes to Naira and Vedika’s ward. He says sorry, I was helpless, Naira. Its morning, Naira fantasies of Kartik. She wakes up and looks around. She sees Vedika beside and asks what happened to you. Vedika asks are you nice, shall I call the doctor, you know why you’re here.

Naira says I’m fine, I recall the pillar falling on Kartik and me. She sees Kartik and calls him out. He wakes up. She asks are you nice and gives her hands. Vedika signals no…. Naira asks what happened, come to me.